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40 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Your due date when you're 40 weeks pregnant is the day you've been waiting for! Here's what may happen this week.

Your Body at 40 Weeks Pregnant

The day you've been waiting for has finally arrived -- you're 40 weeks pregnant! If you wake every day wondering if today's the day, you're not alone. Your phone has probably gotten a workout with phone calls and text messages from well-meaning friends wondering if you're in labor yet. If you're having trouble sleeping or are feeling anxious take some time for yourself.

Contractions are some of the most obvious signs of labor when you're pregnant at 40 weeks. These contractions can increase in intensity, but if you're having them on a regular basis, such as every five minutes, it's time to call your doctor and head to the hospital.

If you haven't lost your mucus plug, you might notice it when you're pregnant at 40 weeks. This is a jelly-like plug that may be tinged with blood. The plug seals the cervix and its appearance might mean that labor is approaching.

Your Baby at 40 Weeks Pregnant

It's important to remember that a due date is just a guideline and not a hard and fast rule. If your baby doesn't seem like she's planning on making an appearance any time soon, try not to stress. Enjoy these last few days with your partner and try to rest as much as possible.

human fetus at 40 weeks

A newborn's weight can vary significantly, but many babies range from 17 to 22 inches long.

What to Consider When You're 40 Weeks Pregnant

If it doesn't seem like labor will ever start when you're pregnant at 40 weeks, try to kick start it with some natural remedies. Raspberry leaf tea, having sex, or just walking a bit can all help get labor going so you can meet your baby as soon as possible.

Your healthcare provider may sweep your membranes to induce labor. Some providers will want to schedule an induction, while others will want to wait until you're more overdue before talking about an induction. Ask your healthcare provider what they recommend for you and your baby.

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