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39 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Your baby may arrive any day when you're pregnant at 39 weeks. Learn what you may experience during these last weeks in pregnancy.

Your Body at 39 Weeks Pregnant

The last weeks of pregnancy can leave you feeling anxious and excited. Many women suffer from a number of pregnancy symptoms when they're pregnant at 39 weeks, including stomach distress, backaches, cramping, and a mucus-like vaginal discharge. This discharge can include a little blood and is common. If you notice any symptoms that last more than a day, such as diarrhea, talk to your healthcare provider.

Braxton Hicks contractions are probably happening with more frequency when you're pregnant at 39 weeks. These can feel like a tightening in your belly or be similar to period cramps. If you notice that the cramping is happening on a regular basis when you're 39 weeks pregnant, you might be having actual labor contractions. These can occur every 15 minutes and will increase in intensity when labor is starting.

Your Baby at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby at 39 weeks pregnant will have eyes that are completely formed, but they won't be able to focus until the baby is a few weeks old.

human fetus at 39 weeks

Your baby is still gaining weight inside your belly. The new body fat helps him regulate his body temperature after he's born.

What to Consider When You're 39 Weeks Pregnant

If you haven't packed your hospital bag when you're pregnant at 39 weeks, you definitely need to do this! Make sure to pack chargers for your cell phones so that you can have a way to call all your friends and family members with a baby announcement after the birth! Plus don't forget your hospital bag essentials!

If you haven't chosen a baby name yet, now is a good time to make a list of potential names.

Now is also a good time to review your birth plan with your birthing partner. Also, practice any relaxation techniques that you learned in your prenatal classes to make sure you're as prepared as possible for the big day.

What To Expect at 40 Weeks Pregnant

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