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35 Weeks Pregnant

Week by Week Pregnancy Guide


Although it may seem like you will be pregnant forever, the end is in sight when you're 35 weeks pregnant. Here's what you can expect this week.

Your Body at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Many women at this point have a list of ailments. They can't eat much because the baby is squashing their stomachs and making them feel full after just a few bites. If you're having a hard time with meals, add frequent snacks to your diet to make sure you're getting enough calories.

You may have even started to waddle a little bit when you're pregnant at 35 weeks as the baby's weight is pushing down on the nerves in your pelvis and legs. Don't worry—your walk will return to normal once the baby is born!

Braxton-Hicks contractions are probably happening with a greater frequency at this point in your pregnancy. They can feel like period cramps or just like a tightening in your abdomen. If you're feeling them at 35 weeks pregnant, your body is preparing for labor. You may also notice a mucus discharge streaked with blood. This is called your mucus plug and it helps seal the cervix. If yours has started to discharge, it could mean that labor is on its way.

It's possible that you may feel a slight burst of energy when you're pregnant at 35 weeks. If you're feeling ready to tackle a big project, take it easy!

Your Baby at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about 18.5 inches long and weighs about five pounds. He's still packing on the weight and his lungs are nearly fully developed.

human fetus at 35 weeks He's working on sucking, in preparation for his first meal outside of the womb. Additionally, his pupils can now contract when a light shines into your belly.

What to Consider When You're 35 Weeks Pregnant

It's still safe to drive, but it can be difficult to fit into your car! Make sure that your seat is pushed back and that the seat belt fits underneath your belly so that your baby is safe in the car.

If you have the energy, try to get out and do something active. Swimming is an excellent activity when you're 35 weeks pregnant because the water helps take all the pressure off your screaming joints. Exercise is a great stress reliever too!

If you're feeling down or frumpy, consider paying a visit to the salon for a haircut, a pedicure or a manicure. Pampering yourself is a great way to improve your mood.

You should also start making some childcare decisions, especially if you're going back to work. Your maternity leave will fly by and it's best to have these decisions made before the baby arrives.

What to Expect at 36 Weeks Pregnant