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34 Weeks Pregnant

Week by Week Pregnancy Guide


Your pregnancy is approaching the end when you're 34 weeks pregnant. Here's what's happening this week.

Your Body at 34 Weeks Pregnant

It's not uncommon for women to have some slight swelling in their feet and ankles when they're pregnant at 34 weeks. However, if you're noticing that your face or hands are looking a little puffy, you should talk to your doctor because this could be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

Vaginal discharge is normal when you're 34 weeks pregnant. If you notice that it's yellow or smells a little funny, you could have a yeast infection. Mention it to your doctor so you can get some medicine to clear up the infection before the baby arrives.

If you're still working at 34 weeks pregnant, you could be feeling increasingly tired and overwhelmed. This is normal, but consider talking to your employer about reducing your hours, working from home if possible to cut down on your commute or even starting your maternity leave early if you're extra uncomfortable.

Your Baby at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby at 34 weeks pregnant is around 18 inches and may even be lying upside down to prepare for birth. It's unlikely that you'll feel any major internal activity; instead, your baby’s movements will start to feel like slight shifts instead of major flips. Your baby just doesn't have the space for gymnastics anymore!

human fetus at 34 weeksYour baby at 34 weeks is actually developing his very first memories, though it's unlikely that these memories last very long. Keep talking to your baby and he will know your voice once he's born.

If your baby was born today, he would be small, but able to digest food. This is because the digestive enzymes in his belly are now developed.

What to Consider When You're 34 Weeks Pregnant

Now that your baby is 34 weeks, it's the perfect time to start putting those relaxation techniques that you learned in childbirth class into practice. These will come in handy when labor starts! Your midwife or doctor may also want to perform what's called a perineal massage at your next appointment. This massage technique can reduce the risk of vaginal tearing, so ask your provider for tips on how to do it yourself to minimize the risk of needing an episiotomy.

When your baby is 34 weeks, your healthcare provider will do a screening test for the group B strep bacteria. If you test positive, try not to worry! Your healthcare provider will administer antibiotics during labor, which reduces the risk of transmitting the bacteria to the baby.

If you're having twins, your babies could arrive any time! Even if you're having just one baby, it's a good idea to get the hospital bag packed and ready to go. Even if you're planning a home birth, it's good idea to have some supplies pulled together just in case you decide to go to the hospital at the last minute.

What to Expect at 35 Weeks Pregnant