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28 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Your baby at 28 weeks pregnant is in the home stretch. Learn what can happen this week as you approach the end of your pregnancy.

Your Body at 28 Weeks Pregnant

When you're pregnant at 28 weeks, you'll be going to the doctor more often. At this point, many women will visit their healthcare provider every two weeks, but if you're having an easy pregnancy, it might be another few weeks before your visits start to happen with more frequency. If your blood tests in the first trimester revealed that you're rH-negative, you'll be given your first dose of anti-D.

Many moms-to-be have various aches and pains when they're pregnant at 28 weeks. It's not uncommon to have pelvic pain when you're turning over in bed or going up the stairs. If the pain is consistent, you should mention it to your healthcare provider. You could be experiencing symphysis pubis dysfunction or pelvic girdle pain. If so, your doctor or midwife can help you treat it.

Exercising can be difficult even for the most fit women when they're pregnant at 28 weeks. This is because the baby and the uterus are compressing the diaphragm, which makes it hard to catch your breath. Slow down if you have to! It's also important to make sure you're eating enough if you're exercising too. Your body is burning a lot of calories taking care of your growing baby at 28 weeks pregnant so aim to eat an extra 350 calories a day if you're exercising.

Vaginal discharge is also common when you're 28 weeks pregnant. However, if the discharge is yellow or has an offensive smell, talk to your doctor because these could be signs of infection.

If you're going to be a single parent, don't let yourself get lonely during this time in your pregnancy! Instead, surround yourself with supportive family and friends and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Your Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is getting bigger every day. She's now nearly 15 inches long and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

Many babies will start to turn head down to prepare for birth.

human fetus at 28 weeks

If your baby at 28 weeks hasn't flipped yet, don't worry! You still have plenty of time for the baby to turn.

What to Consider When You're 28 Weeks Pregnant

It's not uncommon for women to have breast tenderness or even lumps as they go through pregnancy. If you do notice lumps in your breasts, make sure to point them out to your doctor at your next appointment.

When you're pregnant at 28 weeks, you should have started thinking about what type of birth you want. Are you giving birth in a hospital, in a birthing center or even at home? You should also discuss pain relief with your partner and your healthcare provider so that everyone knows your wishes during labor.

In years past, moms and dads just had two choices when it came to diapers—disposable or cloth. But today's families have a lot of options. There are many different types of disposable diapers, including eco-friendly versions, and just as many cloth types. Whether you choose prefolds, pockets or disposables, now's a good time to start building your diaper stash for when the baby arrives.

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