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27 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Here's what you can expect when you're 27 weeks pregnant.

Your Body at 27 Weeks Pregnant

You might find yourself hungrier than normal. If you're increasing your calories, make sure that you're eating healthy foods. Treats are okay, but they should be treats and not the majority of your diet. It's advised that you put on about a pound a month during these last few weeks, and this additional weight can cause stretch marks across your lower body. Use a good moisturizer to soothe itchy skin, but realize that this probably won't do anything to keep stretch marks from forming.

Your baby at 27 weeks is running out of room inside your uterus so you might start feeling fewer flips and more sharp kicks and jabs.

If you notice any pain in your pelvis, talk to your doctor about pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction. Your healthcare provider might have some advice to help give you some much-needed relief.

Your Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant

There's a lot going on inside your baby's brain now. She can now open her eyes and can blink in response to loud noises. She might have even discovered her thumb and she may receive comfort from sucking it.

human fetus at 27 weeks

If your baby is a girl, her ovaries now have all their follicles. If you're having a boy, his testes will likely have descended into the scrotum.

What to Consider When You're 27 Weeks Pregnant

Many women at 27 weeks pregnant suffer from back pain. This is from the extra weight, as well as the hormones that are preparing your body for birth. Exercise, maternity support belts, light stretches, and massage can all help relieve back pain.

If you haven't created a birth plan, now is a good time. Learn about pain relief (medical or natural methods) that's available during childbirth and talk to your doctor about the type of birth you're hoping for. Knowing what options are available before the big day can help you make an informed decision when you're in the middle of labor.

Now's the perfect time to make sure you're prepared for your baby's arrival. Babies don't need a lot of gear, but there are some items that are essential for a newborn. One crucial step is to make sure they have a great place to sleep.

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