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26 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Although pregnancies can vary greatly, here are some common things you can expect when you're pregnant at 26 weeks.

Your Body at 26 Weeks Pregnant

If you're feeling overheated or suffering from hot flashes, you're not alone. The hormone progesterone moving through your body is causing your core temperature to rise dramatically. If you're having problems getting comfortable, make sure to drink a lot of fluids and wear loose clothing or layers to help you be more comfortable.

When you're pregnant at 26 weeks, you might notice a dark line running down the middle of your belly. This is called the linea nigra and is temporary. The line will disappear once the baby is born.

Along with the linea nigra, you might notice stretch marks starting when you're pregnant at 26 weeks. Many women swear that applying generous amounts of cocoa butter can reduce or eliminate stretch marks, but stretch marks are genetic. A moisturizer rich in cocoa butter can help reduce itchy skin though so there's no harm in applying it to your belly, your hips or your thighs.

Your Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby at 26 weeks pregnant is nearly 14 inches long, but growing isn't the only thing he's busy doing. His hand-eye coordination is improving and if you were to have an ultrasound, you'd see his hands around his face as he's exploring his nose, eyes and mouth.

At 26 weeks pregnant, your baby should have regular periods of activity and rest. If you haven't felt your baby move for a while and you're worried, call your doctor or midwife.

human fetus at 26 weeks

They might have some tricks up their sleeves to help get your baby moving to ease your mind, or they might ask you to come in for a quick check to make sure everything is okay. Rest periods aren't uncommon though, as your baby does sleep quite a bit.

What to Consider When You're 26 Weeks Pregnant

Your birth is quickly approaching! If you haven't discussed your birth plan with your doctor or midwife, now is the perfect time. Some hospitals even offer tours to prospective parents, which is an ideal way to see if the environment is the right one for you and your baby. If you're having twins, it's even more important to get your birth plan decided since twins can arrive earlier than single babies.

Childbirth classes are also important and tend to fill up quickly. If you haven't signed up for childbirth classes or thought about hiring a doula, now's the time to do it! These classes can teach you breathing and relaxation techniques that can help you work through the pain of labor.

When you're pregnant at 26 weeks, you might notice some changes to your breasts. Tenderness and lumps aren't uncommon, but if you notice a lump, make sure to mention it to your healthcare provider.

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