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25 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


There are lots of changes going on this week when you're 25 weeks pregnant. Learn what's going on inside your belly.

Your Body at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Sleeping is probably becoming difficult when you're pregnant at 25 weeks. Lying on your side, rather than your back, is recommended and you might find it more comfortable to use a pregnancy pillow between your knees to help take pressure off your belly.

You might be developing stretch marks throughout your belly, your hips and your thighs. Although a good moisturizer can help keep you more comfortable, it's unlikely that using lotion will prevent stretch marks entirely because they're largely determined by genetics.

When you're pregnant at 25 weeks, your hair and nails are probably growing more rapidly than before. However, you could find that your skin is more sensitive so make sure to use products that are gentle on your face and body.

Your Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby at 25 weeks pregnant is slowly running out of room inside your uterus. She's still able to flip around, but these flips will stop in the next few weeks as she grows. Your placenta is currently controlling her temperature, but she's quickly gaining weight that will help her regulate her own body temperature once she's born.

human fetus at 25 weeks You may notice that she jumps or startles at loud noises or when you start to talk to her. Your baby is also able to soothe herself by sucking her thumb and she might even yawn or rub her eyes when she's tired -- adorable!

What to Consider When You're 25 Weeks Pregnant

If you haven't thought about hiring a doula to help during the birth, now is an excellent time to look into it. Because babies can arrive any time, many doulas limit the number of mothers they work with during a certain time frame, which means you should start finding one early. If you're not sure if a doula is right for you, make sure your birthing partner knows how to support you during the birth by signing up for childbirth classes.

If you're planning on returning to work after the baby is born, you should start thinking about how your company is going to manage in your absence. Having a plan in place well before the baby arrives can help make your transition back to work easier when it's time for maternity leave to end.

Don't forget to take some time for yourself! Your life is about to change drastically and you won't have time for spa treatments after the baby arrives. Consider booking a facial or massage or just enjoying a warm bath (not too hot, though!) to help relax yourself.

When you're pregnant at 25 weeks, it’s also a great time to make sure you're prepared with all the essential baby gear. Your energy levels will likely plummet as your get further into your pregnancy and you'll be happy that you took care of the essentials now.

What to Expect at 26 Weeks Pregnant


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