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21 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


There are a lot of changes your body and your baby are going through when you're 21 weeks pregnant.

Your Body at 21 Weeks Pregnant

When you're 21 weeks pregnant, you might be feeling a little depressed about your changing body. Although this is normal, gaining weight doesn't have to mean you can't look good. Instead, look for some great looking maternity clothes to help you feel your best for the rest of your pregnancy. If you are on a budget, learn how to get the most wear out of your clothing by focusing on styles that can take you from pregnancy to post-baby with ease.

Many women who are pregnant at 21 weeks find that they're having a hard time sleeping at night. This is partly because of the changes in your body, but also because your baby could be most active at night. Many babies develop an activity routine and you may eventually be able to predict when your baby is sleeping and when she's awake.

It's also normal to develop a clear or white vaginal discharge when you're pregnant at 21 weeks. If this discharge thickens or becomes yellow, you should mention it to your healthcare provider since these are signs of infection.

Your Baby at 21 Weeks

Your baby at 21 weeks pregnant is now coated in vernix caseosa, which is a thick white covering that protects her skin from the amniotic fluid. It also helps protect her skin from those sharp baby fingernails!

human fetus at 21 weeksHe or she will have closed eyes for another few more weeks, primarily to protect her eyes from being poked with her own fingers and toes. However, she is able to determine between light and dark and she even has eyelashes and eyebrows.

What to Consider When You're 21 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you're pregnant at 21 weeks, prenatal visits may start happening more frequently, especially if you are expecting more than one baby. However, some healthcare providers will continue with the once a month visits, at least for another few weeks.

If you're having problems with your feet and ankles swelling, give maternity stockings a try. These can help boost circulation through your legs and feet and provide some much needed relief. A massage can also help, plus it can help you unwind if you're feeling stressed. Make sure to let the massage therapist know that you're pregnant so you can have a special "pregnancy massage."

If you've been putting off signing up for childbirth class, now is the time.

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