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16 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Big changes are coming your way when you're pregnant at 16 weeks. Here's what you can expect this week.

Your Body at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Chances are good that you're feeling hungrier than normal now. If the munchies are taking over, make sure that you're eating healthy snacks that are packed with nutrients and amino acids, such as cheese, eggs and milk. And remember that although you're eating for two, your caloric needs aren't actually double! Now's not the time to diet though, just focus on healthy, nutritious foods.

When you're 16 weeks pregnant, your breasts may start to swell and some moms find that they're already leaking colostrum, especially if they've nursed a baby before. Colostrum is a special pre-milk that's full of nutrients to sustain your baby before your actual milk comes in.

Your Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant

At 16 weeks, your baby can smile, though she won't be doing it on purpose for quite a while. She's also about 4.5 inches long and her legs, arms and even joints are fully formed, which helps her suck her thumb. If you have an ultrasound, you might just catch a glimpse of your baby at 16 weeks with her thumb in her mouth.

human fetus at 16 weeks

You may start to feel tiny flutters of movement when you're 16 weeks pregnant, especially if your placenta is located toward the back. The placenta helps cushion the movements so if you haven't felt those special baby flutters yet, don't worry. Your baby at 16 weeks is only active for up to five minutes at a time so don't worry if the movements suddenly stop —your baby is just taking a rest!

What to Consider When You're 16 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby bump is probably just now starting to show when you're 16 weeks pregnant. If your regular clothing doesn't fit, it's a good time to go shopping for maternity wear. However, if you just can't part with your favorite pair of jeans, consider a belly band to help your pants fit. But part of the fun of being 16 weeks pregnant is shopping for new maternity wear so figure out your mom style before you go shopping.

Now is an ideal time to start thinking about your birth plan. Your healthcare provider can help you learn about all your options. Many women choose a hospital birth, but others decide that a birthing center or even a home birth is the right choice for them.

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