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14 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


No two pregnancies are alike, but you may notice some of these common symptoms when you're pregnant at 14 weeks.

Your Body at 14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks pregnant, your belly is really starting to grow. Some women, especially first-time moms, can still fit into their regular clothing, but many find that looser fitting pants and shirts are definitely more comfortable.

However, even if your belly isn't swollen, your nasal passages might be. If you've started to snore, this is why! Additionally, you might have a stuffy nose, which stems from the extra blood that's pumping throughout your body. The blood vessels inside your nose are quite fragile and some women find that they experience occasional nosebleeds. If these nosebleeds are happening with great frequency, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Around 14 weeks pregnant is when many women start to notice "pregnancy brain". If you're becoming a little forgetful, or if you've found your keys in the refrigerator, you're not alone.

Your Baby at 14 Weeks

At 14 weeks your baby is about 3.5 inches long—about half the size of a regular banana—and he's growing rapidly. When you're pregnant at 14 weeks, your baby receives all of his nutrition from the placenta. To help him grow, the placenta takes amino acids from your body to provide your baby with protein to help his muscles and organs grow and develop.

human fetus at 14 weeks

Your baby at 14 weeks has started to pass urine through his bladder and this will happen about every half an hour. However, because his kidneys aren't fully functioning, the urine will be very diluted.

In addition to the kidneys developing, your baby at 14 weeks now has his own fingerprints. His hair and eyebrows are also starting to grow.

What to Consider When You're 14 Weeks Pregnant

Healthy eating is important when you're pregnant at 14 weeks and protein is especially important. Consider upping your intake of healthy, protein-rich foods like nuts, seeds, cheese, milk, and meat.

Many moms-to-be find they're comfortable shopping for their new baby now that they're in the second trimester. It's a good idea to keep receipts and leave the tags on clothing just in case your baby turns out to be bigger than you expected or you've purchased clothing for an opposite gender.

There may be safety concerns about your workplace, so now is a good time to make sure that your workplace is a safe one for you and your baby at 14 weeks.

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