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12 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Many mothers find that pregnancies vary greatly. Although every pregnancy is unique, here are some of the things you can expect when you're pregnant at 12 weeks.

Your Body at 12 Weeks Pregnant

If the first trimester exhaustion is still plaguing you, don't worry! When you're 12 weeks pregnant, you're so close to the second trimester, which is when most women start to feel better. Hang in there!

Around 12 weeks pregnant, you may start to notice some major differences in your skin, primarily due to the progesterone hormones that are coursing through your body when you're pregnant at 12 weeks. It's not uncommon for pimples to develop, but some women find that their skin is unusually dry. If you're experiencing dry, itchy skin, slather on the lotion and pay special attention to your belly. Some people think that a moisturized belly reduces the chance of stretch marks developing, but others say it's all about genetics. Either way, a good moisturizer can help relieve itchiness when you're pregnant at 12 weeks.

Your Baby at 12 Weeks

When your baby at 12 weeks pregnant is growing rapidly! Although the gender is determined during conception, the genitals are now starting to form. It will be difficult to tell at this point whether you're having a boy or a girl, so you'll need to be patient for a few more weeks if you're planning on finding out.

human fetus at 12 weeks

Her legs and arms are now fully formed and she's kicking and punching up a storm. Her wrists and elbows can even bend, making it easier for her to move around inside your uterus. Even though she's moving around, your baby at 12 weeks is only 2.5 inches long so you won't be able to feel her movements for another few weeks or so.

Your baby's heart rate is likely around 160 beats per minute when you're pregnant at 12 weeks. Although many moms analyze their baby's heart rate to try to determine whether they're having a boy or a girl, this is just an old wives' tale. Instead, your baby's heart is beating so fast (about twice as fast as your own!) because the heart is still too small to increase the amount of blood it can pump. To compensate, the heart has to beat faster.

What to Consider When You're 12 Weeks Pregnant

It's not uncommon for your healthcare provider to order an ultrasound when you're pregnant at 12 weeks. Although these ultrasounds can give you an estimate of when your baby will be born, it's important to remember that a due date is only an estimation. Only five percent of babies are actually born on their due date, so try not to worry if your baby arrives earlier or later.

Many women wish to wait until after this ultrasound before telling their family and friends, but some are still comfortable keeping their pregnancy a secret from their employers. If you're feeling anxious about telling your employer that you're 12 weeks pregnant, consider using these tips to talk to your employer.

Many women choose to have screening tests performed when they're about 12 weeks pregnant. These tests can screen for abnormalities like Down's Syndrome and your doctor can advise you whether these tests are appropriate for you.

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