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10 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


You're just a couple of weeks from the second trimester at 10 weeks pregnant and your belly is probably just slightly swollen. Your baby is moving around inside, but you won't be able to feel these movements for about six more weeks.

It's not uncommon to experience various aches and pains when you're pregnant at 10 weeks. Some of these are normal because the muscles and ligaments are stretching to make room for your baby. Slight cramping is normal, but if your pains are severe, call your doctor right away. Serious pains can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

human fetus at 10 weeks

Your Baby at 10 Weeks

At 10 weeks pregnant your baby is looking more and more like a baby. Your baby's skull is starting to harden as it changes from cartilage to bone, however it is still flexible so that your baby's brain has room to grow.

Your placenta is starting to provide your baby at 10 weeks pregnant with all her nutritional needs. As the placenta continues to take over, this will help relieve the worst of your pregnancy symptoms.

What to Consider When You're 10 Weeks Pregnant

In the next few weeks, your healthcare provider might recommend a nuchal translucency scan. This test can detect the risk of Down Syndrome, however this test is only about 80 percent accurate. If the test comes back positive, your healthcare provider will likely want to perform another test. Learn more about other prenatal tests that your healthcare provider will recommend.

Dental care is important when you're pregnant at 10 weeks. If you're scheduled for a regular dental cleaning, make sure that you don't skip the appointment. The hormone progesterone is making your gum tissue softer than normal, which could leave you with bleeding or swollen gums. Make sure to tell your dentist that you're pregnant, however, since he or she will likely choose to go without X-rays.

While you might feel like you're always running to the bathroom, make sure that you're staying hydrated when you're pregnant at 10 weeks. If you're growing tired of water, consider infusing your water with fresh fruit or choosing fruit with a high water content like watermelon or cantaloupe. Smoothies can also be a great way to increase your fluid intake and they can be packed with nutrients. Learn more about delicious smoothie recipes.

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