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Pregnant Again? Learn What Is Different During Second Pregnancy

Not every pregnancy is the same, find out what to prepare for during another pregnancy


Are you pregnant, and it isn’t your first? If so, you may feel like you know a bit more of what to expect, and maybe you are even more relaxed this time around. It can be a comfort to be in more “familiar territory” and that can help you slow down and enjoy your pregnancy a bit more this time around, but it's also important to remember that, even if this isn't your first - there are things that will be different than your first, and it's OK if you still have questions!

It’s easy to think that since you have been through pregnancy before, that you have it all figured out.  Your doctor may base their guess on if you may experience certain symptoms, gestational diabetes, or even try to predict when your labor will hit based on your previous pregnancy history. While your history is important to know and consider, the truth is, it’s not a predictor of the future, and each pregnancy/birth experience will be as unique as each child is after they are born.

Since this isn’t your first pregnancy, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. It's ok to ask questions

a pregnant woman asking questions to her doctor

There are going to be things that are different, things that have changed since you had your first, and topics that you just didn't encounter. Don't feel like you need to be the expert - ask, research, and learn - just like you did with your first baby.  

2. It's ok to be confident in what you know

While sometimes you may have questions, it's also OK to be confident in the knowledge and experience you gained during your first pregnancy. Don't discredit those experiences, use them to help you navigate the new experiences of your current pregnancy.  

3. Your symptoms during pregnancy aren't likely to be the same every time

a pregnant woman suffering from cramps during her second pregnancy

Each pregnancy is as unique as the baby inside, so while you may experience some of the same symptoms, don't expect them to be identical. You might have morning sickness with one, and nothing with another. Be prepared for anything, just like you were with your first!  

4. Your labor and delivery story probably won't follow the same pattern, and probably won't follow the textbook "predictions"

As you get closer to your due date, many people have probably asked you when you delivered with your previous pregnancies. It’s likely that you have heard that with your first baby you will usually deliver late, but second baby, you will deliver earlier and they will be bigger than your first was. While statistically that may be true, no one knows what your labor will look, or how much your baby will weigh. Be prepared for things to be different, but don’t discount the experiences you had with your first either.  

5. Take more time for recovery

a pregnant woman is taking a nap on a sofa

This isn’t just advice for your recovery after labor, but during the whole pregnancy, just take more time!  You need to plan for your other kids, guiding them through welcoming a new sibling. Do yourself a favor and clear your schedule a little more and take some extra time. It will cut down on stress and make the transition a much more positive experience.

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