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Top 6 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Get some inspiration for your pregnancy announcement with these unique ideas


There is no shortage of ideas to announce your pregnancy to the world. If you check out Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook - you are bound to run into at least one cute photo announcing a pregnancy. With all those ideas out there, it may be difficult to choose one, that really expresses your excitement and reflects your growing family, the way you want it to; but with a little time and these tips - we’re sure you can find a way!   

1. The Onesie Announcement

a baby on board onesie for announcing a pregnancy

Have you seen those adorable photos with mom and dad holding up a little onesie with a clever saying like “coming soon…”? So cute, and the best part about this idea is that your little one can make use of the onesie after they arrive! This idea is easy to customize - many places like can create a onesie with your design to say exactly what you want to say. You can place your baby's due date on the onesie, a clever saying like “and then there were three”, or don’t write anything on the onesie at all. This one is flexible with how you want to capture a photo to share.

You can include mom and dad, siblings, or even hang the onesie on it’s own, in a place that might be significant to your family or reflect the due date - for example, if you are having a Christmas baby - string up the Christmas lights and hang the onesie from there. Having a fall baby? Place it next to a pumpkin with Fall leaves around it. If you want to announce to a specific person, such as Grandma and Grandpa - no need for a photo-op, customize the onesie just for them and wrap it up in a gift.  

2. The Pregnancy Test Announcement

a pregnancy announcement using a chalk board and a pregnancy test

Whether you were expecting a positive result when you took the test or not, staring at those two little pink lines always brings a feeling of shock, and it’s no different when you use that little test to spread the good news to others. When you want to use your pregnancy test to help you announce your pregnancy, wrapping it up with a bow is an easy and fun way to do it, but you don’t have to stop there. 

You can have a little fun by taking a photo of daddy or mommy “fainting” in shock with the pregnancy test in hand.  If you want to be a little artistic, place the pregnancy test surrounded by a heart - make the heart out of your hands or something that symbolizes a small item that is important to you - for example, if you are really into baseball, use baseballs to shape the heart. 

Love to knit? Use yarn. Photographing your pregnancy test next to a calendar with the big day circled is another great way to reveal the pregnancy and your due date.  

3. The “Chalkboard" Announcement

a pregnancy being announced via a message on a chalkboard

When you want a unique message a “chalkboard” announcement is perfect. You can find them in all sizes and price ranges and can pen the message on them yourself. Are you struggling with morning sickness?  You can write the pregnancy message on the chalkboard and place it in the bathroom while you pose in front of the toilet- this one gives a pretty realistic picture! Another fun way to use a chalkboard is to have the mommy to be stand in front of the camera with a profile view in front of the chalkboard. Draw a “belly” on the chalkboard for mommy, as a glimpse into the future. 

4. The Ultrasound Announcement

a couple announcing a pregnancy by holding up a sonogram of their baby

If you’ve been able to get an ultrasound before you are ready to tell, that precious first glimpse of your little one is the perfect way to share the news! Planning on using one of the onesie, pregnancy test, or “chalkboard” announcement ideas? You can throw in your ultrasound photo with them for an added touch.  It can also be a lot of fun to take your “first” family photo with the ultrasound photo in hand. If you’ve been waiting to “spill the beans”- place your little one’s first photo and put in in a pile of beans to let family and friends know you are finally ready to spill! 

5. The Clothing and/or Jewelry Announcement

two parents announcing a pregnancy with their dog and a baby shoe

Baby shoes are the cutest, and you can purchase your little one’s first pair to share the big news. Just line up the shoes of all the members of the family and place the new baby shoes on the end. You can do a similar thing with shirts. For a slight twist, take your wedding rings and line them up, like an addition “problem - place a pacifier after the “equal sign”. 

6. The “Sibling” Announcement

a mom and her two daughters revealing the mom's pregnancy

Is someone getting promoted to being a big brother or sister with the arrival of a new baby? Get them a shirt that says so and take pictures to share - or just have them wear it to a family gathering. You will figure out who the most observant in the family is! It’s always a phone photo pose to have the siblings lineup in order, with numbers and include baby in the count.  

No matter how you decide to announce your little one - have fun and enjoy the moment!  

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