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Your Hospital Bag: What Essentials and Luxuries to Pack

Get some tips on what items to pack for your hospital bag for your baby's birth


If you are pregnant and getting closer to your due date, aside from counting down the days, you have probably have spend some time thinking about your hospital bag and what you need to pack for the big day. While you don’t want to “over-pack”, you do want to be prepared.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got a list of things you will need, some you may want to consider, and some you might be able to live without - but might be nice to have.

Essential items to pack

This is the stuff that you will want to make sure you bring along in your hospital bag:

  • Snacks for you, and some of daddy's favorites for him to munch on
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Clothing items for you:
    - Going home clothes, remember you won't be able to fit into your old clothing right away - yoga pants or something like that with a little 'forgiveness' for your post-baby body
    - Underwear
    - Bras (nursing bra if you plan to nurse)
  • Toiletries - for you and daddy in case he wants to stay the night
  • Extra clothing for daddy - even if daddy doesn’t stay the night, labor can be messy and extra clothing is always a great idea
  • Hair brush 
  • Swaddling blankets 
  • Baby Clothes:
    - Going home outfit
    - Back up gong home outfit
    - Socks
    - Onesies
  • Fully stocked diaper bag:
    - Wipes
    - Extra outfits
    - Pacifier (if you want to use one)
    - Bottles
    - Formula (depending on if you will use it or not)
    - Diapers
    - Burp Clothes
    - Baby blankets (depending on weather)
  • Car Seat - that is installed and ready go

Items you should consider to pack​

Here’s some items that you may want to consider bringing with you in your hospital bag:

a stack of magazines, which are a good item to pack in a hospital bag

  • Coconut water- it helps rehydrate you after labor and delivery and some theorize that it helps your milk supply get established too.
  • Maxi Pads - the hospital will provide some, but you may be more comfortable bringing your own.
  • Breastfeeding Pads - if you are planning to breastfeed 
  • Lansinoh - if you are planning to breastfeed 
  • Extra Change for any vending machines 
  • Cash for extra snacks
  • Book to read, magazines, or other items to entertain yourself when you have no visitors or are waiting for labor to escalate 
  • Camera and back up batteries - if you plan to use a camera other than your phone
  • Baby Book - so you can fill it out
  • Tylenol and Ibuprofen - the hospital will have these on hand, likely, but it will be important to have some on hand for when you are going home.
  • Clothes for you:
    - Socks - the fuzzy kind are the best
    - Robe
    - PJ's - you may want to use the hospital gown instead, but you can bring a pair of your own if you are more comfortable in them.
    - Extra outfit - just in case you want to get out of PJ's
    - Make up

Luxury items you might want to pack ​

These items are luxury items, but if you have room you may want to consider bringing them:

  • Special items to use as photo props (special stuffed animal, chalk board, etc.)
  • Laptop computer - use it to design those baby announcements while at the hospital, or watch some Netflix.
  • Blank envelopes and your address book - you can fill out the envelopes for thank you cards and baby announcements
  • Your favorite candy bar to indulge in after labor
  • Essential oils of your favorite scent 
  • Massage oil
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