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How to Make the Most of the Last Weeks of Pregnancy


If your healthcare provider has mandated bed rest while you're pregnant, every day can feel 40 hours long. And even for those not on bed rest, the final dog days of pregnancy can feel the same. We're here to help with lots of ideas to pass the time productively and peacefully. Baby will be here before you know it, so hang in there!

1. Catch Up on Your Reading

a pregnant woman resting on a bed while reading

Reading is a great way to immerse yourself in a different world. If anyone asks what they can do to help out, tell them to make a trip to the library to pick up a random assortment of books they think you might like. If you want to choose your own books, Kindle has an entry level option for under $80. It's cheaper and easier than ever to access your favorite books or to discover new ones.

2. Teach Yourself to Knit or Crochet

a pregnant woman resting on a bed doing some knitting

It's a wonderfully satisfying feeling to see somebody wearing something you made. There are thousands of instructional videos available on youtube to get you started, while websites like Ravelry have loads of free patterns for you to follow. Hats and baby blankets are easy starter projects. If you already know your way around a skein of yarn, take the time to learn more intricate stitches or make bigger projects.

3. Scrapbook

a woman doing some crafts

Take this down time to manage your pictures and create something for you and your baby to enjoy in the future. Shutterfly frequently offers discounted, or even free, photo printing, and uploading all of your images is quick and easy. Create themed books for your wedding, baby shower, pregnancy, or anything that you want to share with your little one someday.

4. Learn Another Language

a pregnant woman sitting on a bed while using a laptop

Want to really get your brain fired up? Try learning a different language. Duolingo offers free online courses in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more. You can also buy programs like Rosetta Stone. Knowing another language is a useful skill that can be incredibly helpful, especially if you decide to return to the workforce after baby arrives.

5. Go Back to School

a woman thinking about what to write in a notebook

Many colleges offer courses online. Brush up on your education and get some college courses under your belt. If you already have a degree, take something new that you've always been curious about. You're never too old for school.

6. Lose Yourself on Pinterest

a pregnant woman resting on a bed while on a laptop

Design a nursery, plan a party, learn photography tips, or find some amazing crafts—anything you want to do you can find on Pinterest. If you're not already on Pinterest, be forewarned—pinning can be addicting!

7. Find a Due Date Buddy

a pregnant woman resting on a bed while on a laptop

Check out the Mom365 Community and connect with other moms due around the same time as you. Chat with other moms-to-be about what you're feeling, how you're doing, and what you want for your baby. Reaching out to other moms who understand what you're going through will help you feel less isolated.

8. Work from Home

a pregnant woman resting on a bed while using a laptop

If your current job allows you to work remotely, put some hours in from home. It's not exactly fun, but it will keep you busy. If you don't have the option to work from home, you could try your hand at selling products like Scentsy or Jamberry. Connecting to your friends and your friends' friends through social media can generate some additional income and help you pass the time.

9. Shop Online

a pregnant woman sitting on a sofa with a laptop

You shouldn't run to the store right now, so find what you need online. Many grocery stores offer home delivery, so you can even do your most mundane shopping from the comfort of bed. Browse options for your baby's nursery, read reviews, and have fun planning for the day when you can walk around free from worry.

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