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Great Father's Day Gifts for Dads-to-Be


I'm in the process of cultivating my first baby registry and there are many adorable things I love for our future babe—onesies with little whales on them, fuzzy hats with bear ears, fluffy booties (so little!).

And then there's the list of stuff I'm pretty sure my husband, a comic book/superhero/sports/Star Wars nerd, will love. Here are some of my faves that your dude may also dig.

1. Cape/Bib

a baby bib

This witty little bib will make him smile, and keep drool contained (it also comes in pink). $12, at

2. Daddy's My Hero Onesie

a baby's onesie

Make his majesty mist up with this adorable outfit. $16, at

3. Dude-Friendly Diaper Bag

a diaper bag

This Skip-Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag won't win any fashion awards, but we'll both be fine schlepping it around town. $46, at

4. Father and Child Baseball Gloves

a childs baseball glove

No matter your child-to-be's gender, there is catch in your man's future. Start him off adorable with a grown-up gloveand kid glove. They may be in a drawer for a while, but they'll also be in his heart. $17, at

5. Infant Sports Jammies

kids bengals pj's

Pick a team, any team and they have cute baby gear. Your guy will be psyched he has another buddy to watch the game with. $32, at

6. Star Wars Onesies

kids star wars onesie

What child of the 80's or 90's doesn't want his babe dressed as R2D2 or a wookie? $20 at

7. Superhero Onesies

kids superman onesie

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's his unbelievably adorable baby dressed as his favorite superhero—Wonderwoman and Superman are our favorites. $16-21,

8. Star Wars Storybooks

vaders little princess book

There can't be too much Star Wars, can there? Hope not, because what this trilogy lacks in a gold bikini it makes up for with sweet drawings of SW characters. First there was Darth Vader and Son, then Vader's Little Princess and soon, the whole gang unites for the upcoming Jedi Academy. $15, at

9. Cool Nightlights

funky night light

These are some neato, rechargeable, portable nightlights that can start off in dad's man-cave, then transition to the nursery, maybe. $65, at

10. Baby's First Legos

first lego blocks

Not sure if there's a guy on the planet who doesn't love Legos. Spark memories and start new ones with this jumbo beginner's set. $40, at

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