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10 Essential Items For Your Hospital Bag


We’ve seen it a hundred times on TV and in the movies; the expectant dad grabbing the suitcase and rushing mama to the hospital to have a baby, now! But what’s in that oh-so-important bag? Most moms are out of the hospital within 24 to 48 hours of giving birth, so you don’t need to pack much, but there are a few essentials you need to ensure are in your hospital bag. Here are 10 items you won’t want to forget.

1. Slippers, a Robe, and Comfy Pajama Pants

a woman wearing slippers

You’re going to want something to cover up that skimpy hospital gown after you’ve delivered. Yoga or sweat pants are great on the bottom, and a robe keeps your arms and back covered while still giving the nurses easy access to check on your recovery. And don’t forget the slippers!

2. A Camera, Your Phone and Chargers

a dad taking his wife and newborn baby picture with his phone

You won’t want to miss documenting baby’s delivery and arrival, so be sure you have your camera charged and ready to go. And bring your phone to tell the world once she’s arrived, of course.

3. A Going-Home Outfit for Baby

a pregnant woman holding up a baby's outfit

The hospital will provide the diapers, but make sure you pack something for baby to wear on the trip home. Newborn clothes usually only fit up to eight pounds, so if you think you’re going to have a big baby maybe pack an additional larger outfit. And remember the snuggly blanket for tucking around him in his carseat!

4. Flip Flops

a person wearing flip flops while walking in a bathroom

You might not shower at the hospital, but it’s good to pack a pair of cheap flip flops just in case you’re up for a scrub. Comfy slip-ons or slippers are also good shoes to have for strolling up and down the halls of the hospital, which you could do quite a bit of to encourage baby to make her appearance.

5. Toiletries

a woman removing make up from her face

Once baby’s arrived, you might want to spruce up a bit to look your best for any visitors or photo opps. Cleansing towelettes or make-up removers are a great way to refresh without requiring you to actually get out of bed. Pack a little mirror so you can apply makeup without getting up either. And you’ll definitely need your toothbrush!

6. Nursing Bras

a mom breastfeeding her baby

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, be sure to have a nursing bra or two ready to go in your overnight bag. Moms who plan on bottle feeding should pack a bra a size up from their pregnancy size as well; your breasts will swell significantly once your milk comes in post-delivery!

7. Delivery Kit

a phone with headphones attached

Stash whatever is going to get you through delivery on the top of your bag, be it your iPod, massage oil, extra pillows, or dartboard featuring a photo of the man who got you into this mess! You might also want to throw in something easy to read (like trashy magazines); distractions could be required to pass those laboring hours.

8. Favorite Treats

a selection of snacks

The doctors and nurses probably won’t let you eat anything during labor, but you'll still want to have some snacks and treats in your bag to break out after delivery. Be sure to get yourself an extra special treat like a gourmet chocolate bar; you’re gonna deserve it!

9. Something To Wear Home

a mom holding her newborn baby

Have something comfy packed to wear home; think whatever casual maternity wear you were slipping on at about six months pregnant. And don’t forget the roomy undies; not everyone loves those mesh underwear the hospital will so graciously provide.

10. Your Wallet, Birth Plan, and a Notebook

an open notebook

Leave the wads of cash and credit cards at home, but be sure to bring your ID and insurance card should the hospital require them upon check-in. Have a copy of your birth plan ready for the nursing staff. A baby book or notepad with a pen provides a place for you to jot down details of your labor and delivery while they’re still extremely fresh in your mind.

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