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Safe Skincare Tips While Pregnant


You know to take your vitamins and that there are certain things you shouldn’t eat while pregnant, but have you thought about those items that you place on your skin? Since anything you place on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream and passed onto baby via your the placenta, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients in these products. In addition to potential risk to your baby, your skin can become sensitive which can cause you to have reactions to products you have used previously with no issues.

The first step to ensuring your safety and the safety of your baby when selecting what to put on your skin, is to talk with your doctor. Your doctor knows your medical history and has the most up to date information on studies being done, so they can guide you in what is safe to use and what you should stay away from.  

a pregnant teenage applying acne cream to her face
Accutane, found in certain acne treatments, has been linked to birth defects.

What skin products should I not use during pregnancy?

While this isn’t a complete list, there are a few ingredients that you can scan your products for. If your skincare products contain any of the following ingredients, it’s best to leave it out while pregnant or nursing:

  • Accutane, this ingredient in acne medications and there is some reason to believe that this product can cause birth defects.  
  • Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are two other common items found in acne medications, some doctors prefer that you stay clear of these as well, but they are not as strong as Accutane.  
  • Retin-A also comes under the name of Retinol. Some studies suggest the use of these products cause an excessive amount of Vitamin A, which can cause malformations of essential organs in the baby.  
  • Paraben is used as a preservative in many cosmetics. BPA in particular raises concerns in regards to miscarriage, obesity, low birth weight, and even behavioral issues. 
  • Essential oils should be used with caution. Some have serious concerns including contractions and bleeding when used during pregnancy. Before you pick out which oils to use, run them by your doctor. 

At the end of the day, if you aren’t sure; it’s probably best to just not use the product before you talk to your doctor.  Good old soap and water and a simple moisturizer are safe, and while it may not be as extensive of a routine as you prefer, it’s ok to scale back temporarily.  

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