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What Happens in the Third Trimester in Your Pregnancy?


The third trimester of your pregnancy covers weeks 27-40.

Your growing baby

At the third trimester of your pregnancy you will be very obviously pregnant and feeling your baby wriggling around inside of you – you might have even done the old 'balance a glass of water' on your bump trick to watch it wobble about as your baby moves!

The confined space of your womb will mean baby is more wriggly than kicky from this stage and you’ve probably found that they have a time of being very active and a time of quietness.

By week 30, your baby will be around 39cm long and won't grow in length much more before birth.  He or she will be able to see and hear, and will probably be able to distinguish between light and dark. They will also have mastered the sucking reflex and may be sucking their thumb or fingers… awww.

Their little lungs are still developing and they won’t be able to breathe on their own until they reach about 36 weeks, but their skin is getting plumper.

By the time you are ‘full term’ – 37 weeks – your baby on average will weigh around 6-9lbs.


As you reach the 32nd week of your pregnancy you may start to feel pressure down below as your little one positions themselves head down and getting ready for their birth. Don’t worry if this hasn’t happened yet, some babies don’t get into this position for a few more weeks, or even just before birth!

In the third trimester you may also find that those toilet breaks once again become more frequent as a result of your little one pushing against your bladder. You may also feel breathless and experience pesky cramps as your baby lies on your nerves. Try yoga or going for a walk to help with the pain.

an infograph showing the stages of a third trimester of pregnancy

Preparing for baby's arrival

Now’s the time to start the exciting task of baby shopping  (if you haven't already been able to resist!). From nursery furniture to baby clothes, there is a lot to think about – and of course, your own hospital bag goodies to buy and get packed!

Planning the birth

Your midwife might have asked you about your birth plan or pain relief choices in labor, and it's a good idea to write down some thoughts, even if you don't end up sticking to them to the letter. Think about what to pack in your hospital bag, too.

Towards the end of this trimester you may start getting some Braxton hicks – the painless 'practice' contractions that some women experience in the weeks before their due date. They can be uncomfortable but can pass without any incident.

Find out more about your Third Trimester Journey with our week by week pregnancy guide.

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