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What Happens in the First Trimester of Pregnancy?


The first trimester – weeks 0-13 – will probably be the most life-changing and exciting weeks of your life until your baby actually arrives!

And by the time you realize you have missed your period, you will be around 2 weeks pregnant.

You probably won’t look like you’re carrying a precious little person (although women who are on their second and third pregnancies may show a lot earlier) but there are so many changes taking place, both inside and outside of your body. Your baby will be growing faster than at any other stage of your pregnancy, with its heart, brain and spine already developing.

The first few weeks

You might already be feeling some signs of pregnancy in these early weeks. Tiredness, problem skin and an ‘odd’ feeling are all perfectly normal – while some ladies also claim that they have a metallic taste in their mouths.

You may also have sore or enlarged breasts and some feelings of dizziness if you stand up too quickly.

By week six you may begin to experience morning sickness, though don't let its name deceive you – it can actually strike any time of the day or night!  Certain smells (including that aftershave you loved and bought for your other half) or even the thought of some foods, may reduce you to a nausea's wreck in these early weeks.  

During this time you may also experience some 'spotting' or implantation bleeding.  Don’t panic, this is usually harmless, but it’s always a good idea to get yourself checked out by your health professional if you are worried, in pain or the blood is bright red.

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Your booking appointment

You will also have your 'booking appointment' with your midwife during your first trimester, and excitingly your first scan. Your midwife will give you information on nutrition and diet, and might suggest you take folic acid supplements if you are not already doing so. She will also advise you on the rest of the care and screening you will receive throughout your pregnancy.

Your booking appointment can make your pregnancy seem really real, although many moms prefer not to share their news until they have had their dating scan.

By the end of the first trimester, you will be out of the 'danger zone' which means a much lower risk of the pregnancy not progressing.

You may well have a visible bump, and if you've had your first scan, which means you’ll know when your baby is expected to arrive.

Exciting times!

Find out more about your First Trimester Journey with our week by week pregnancy guide.

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Week 13

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