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Linea Nigra - What is That Line!?


Since those two lines appeared on the pregnancy test for you, your body has gone through a number of changes. Some of those changes you may have been prepared for, while others might leave you wondering. A change that you may have noticed just before your second trimester milestone, is the “pregnancy line”. Pregnancy line is formally known as linea nigra, and is a dark line that may appear, running vertically down your belly.  

Linea Nigra is usually brownish in color and can be fairly dark- making it hard to miss. The “line” itself may have been there all along, but the increase in hormones cause your body to produce more melanin, which results in the dark line appearing. This line might not be the only spot you see some darkening, you may notice dark spots on your face and darkening on your nipples, scars, or freckles.

a close up of a woman's pregnant stomach which is showing a dark line caused by Linea Nigra

While linea nigra is nothing to be concerned about, you might be worried about the appearance. There isn’t anything that will prevent the line, however it can help to avoid exposure to the sun and make sure your diet has plenty of folic acid in it. A few months after your baby arrives, the line will fade.  

While the appearance of linea nigra may be a bit of a shock, remember what an amazing thing your body is doing, and wear that line as a badge of honor for your work! 

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