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What is Cystitis?


Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, usually caused by an infection, but can be caused by trauma to the tissues.

It causes a burning sensation when you wee. It also makes you feel as if you need to wee all the time but when you go, there may only be a tiny amount. It may also not give you much notice that you want to go.

It is not uncommon for blood to be present in the urine in severe cases. Some specific bacteria which can cause cystitis, if left untreated in pregnancy could cause a miscarriage or early labor, so it's best to seek treatment straight away if you are pregnant so that the doctor or midwife can take a urine sample.

What are the symptoms of Cystitis?

Burning sensation when you wee, feeling the need to wee more frequently, and getting the urge to go suddenly.

What are the treatments and remedies of Cystitis?

Your medical professional may prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Whilst suffering from Cystitis, you should drink plenty or water or other fluids to help dilute your urine. This will help to easy the stinging as it makes your urine less acidic, and will help to "flush out" the infection.

To help prevent other attacks, you should try to keep make sure you drink plenty of fluids every day and it's said that Cranberry juice may also be useful in preventing attacks. You should also make sure you bathe frequently and wear cotton underwear, avoiding synthetic fabrics next to the skin.

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