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10 Pregnancy Milestones to Get Excited About


Pregnancy can turn your life into a blur, but it's full of milestones we think are worth celebrating. Once your baby is here it’s easy to forget what you just went through. Take some time to enjoy these moments--and don't forget to take lots of pictures!

1. First Positive Test

a woman looking happy while holding up a pregnancy test

You’ve been waiting for this moment--the first time you pee on a stick and see two lines. It’s a moment filled with excitement, disbelief, shock, amazement, joy, and yes, fear. This is where it all begins. Congratulations, mom!

2. First Symptom

a pregnant woman looking sick

It’s different for everyone, but it will happen. Some women realize they’ve gained a superhuman sense of smell, others that their breasts are suddenly extra sensitive. Maybe it’s nausea, dizziness, or even fainting. Whatever that first symptom is, it won’t be the last. Pregnancy is amazing, but isn’t always fun.

3. First Trimester

a woman stretching out in a sunny field

If you’ve been waiting to be out of the danger zone before announcing to the world that you’re expecting, this is the time to rejoice and spread the word. The first trimester is usually the rockiest as far as morning sickness, so this is also when pregnancy is at its best--you’re not big enough to be uncomfortable, and you’ve finally gotten some of your energy back. Enjoy!

4. First Heartbeat

a pregnant woman receiving an ultrasound from a doctor

There is no sound more amazing than your baby’s heartbeat. You can hear the whoosh of the Doppler running over your belly until finally you find it--the fast, rhythmic beat of life from inside your belly. It’s expected that moms-to-be find themselves overwhelmed with emotion the first time they hear it, so don’t be afraid to cry--it really is a miracle.

5. First Ultrasound

a pregnant woman receiving an ultrasound

Is there really somebody in there? What do they look like, and what do they do all day? That first time you get to peek inside and get a good look at your baby is a moment you’ll never forget. The wiggles, the kicks, the flickering heartbeat… Isn’t it all so amazing? Don’t forget to ask for a printout for the baby book!

6. First Maternity Outfit

a pregnant woman holding up some shopping bags

Your belly has finally arrived. Your pants dig uncomfortably into your waist and you feel like you’re falling out of your shirts. You’re going to feel so much better once you get some stretchy-waist pants and a shirt that fits your new body. The best part? Shopping trip!

7. First Time a Stranger Notices

a pregnant woman sitting down talking to her friend

You’ve been feeling pregnant for weeks or months already but it’s been hard to tell by your waistline whether you’ve been overindulging or gestating. One morning you’ll wake up and think to yourself, “I popped!” Soon enough, a friendly stranger will ask, “When are you due?!” Enjoy the attention, but don’t be afraid to smack the hand of anyone who tries to touch your belly—because that’s not cool.

8. First Pregnancy-Brain Moment

a woman looking confused with question marks showing around her

There’s something about being pregnant that tends to turn your brain into pudding. We’d love to say it gets better after you give birth, but those sleepless nights are going to short-circuit everything for a while. Forgive yourself for putting the milk in the cabinet and the cereal in the fridge--hormones make things kind of crazy. Laugh it off and carry on.

9. First Contraction

a pregnant woman holding her bump looking shocked

You’ve been dealing with Braxton-Hicks or “practice” contractions for a while now, but one day things are going to ramp up. That first real contraction is typically unmistakable. Try to relax and go with the flow—no amount of planning is going to make this adventure go exactly the way you expect. The good news? Baby is almost here!

10. First Push

a mom holding her newborn baby

Things just got real. Dig deep, focus on your body, and have faith in yourself. It will probably be the first of many pushes, but this is the one that will set the tone for the rest of your labor. You’ll find out you’re stronger than you ever imagined. We knew you had it in you all along!

...Or First Incision

C-section moms, we didn’t forget you. Having major surgery while you’re wide awake is no joke. Even if you never have to push you’ve still proven that you’re way tougher than you probably thought. Congratulations!

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