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10 Ways to Survive a Winter Pregnancy


To make your winter pregnancy as comfortable as possible, we've rounded up these practical tips to stay well and survive when the winter elements get hard.

1. Buy a Winter Jacket

a rack of winter coats

It's important to be warm and comfortable on cold winter days. It can be tempting to wear your regular winter coat and leave it unzipped, but buying a new one will help you stay warm. Maternity coats can be pricey, so if you don't want to drop the extra cash on a coat you'll only wear for a few months, go up a size or two on a less expensive jacket—or hit the thrift store.

2. Avoid Shoveling

a person shoveling snow

Pregnancy hormones make your joints loose, and your growing belly causes muscles to move around and separate. This is no time to be stoic. Snow is heavy and all of that twisting and lifting can easily cause an injury. Get your partner to take on all of the shoveling, or pay a local kid to clear the driveway.

3. Get Some Crampons

a pair of winter shoes

All of the extra weight you're carrying in front can make you a little bit wobbly. If conditions are icy, you need to do everything you can to prevent slips and falls. While crampons aren't the most stylish choice, they will help keep you safe in rough conditions. They can be slippery on regular flooring, so be sure to take them off before you step inside.

4. Have Groceries Delivered

a pregnant woman checking her laptop while doing laundry

Loaded grocery bags are heavy, and every trip from the car to the kitchen is another chance to slip on ice or trip over snow drifts. Many grocery stores offer home delivery for a nominal fee. Enjoy ordering groceries from the warmth and comfort of home and let the delivery person bring your items to you.

5. Get a Flu Vaccine

a nurse giving an injection to a patient

Your immune system takes a hit when you're pregnant, so it's recommended that you get a flu vaccine. The Center for Disease Control has declared that the flu shot is safe for pregnant women and their babies. The risk for complications from flu is much higher during pregnancy, so keep yourself, and your little one, safe with one quick poke.

6. Get Some Exercise

a pregnant woman doing yoga

It's not easy to get a walk in when there's snow on the ground and the air makes your lungs feel like they're filled with icicles. Try getting some indoor exercise to keep yourself sane and fit this winter. If you don't want to join a gym, invest in a prenatal yoga DVD and a yoga mat, go to the local mall and walk for an hour, or get a day pass at the local indoor pool.

7. Wear Layers

a pregnant woman wearing winter clothing

You're hot, you're cold, you're hot, you're cold—yep, you're pregnant. Wear a few layers so that you can take off or add as needed. Wearing a tank top or t-shirt, a button shirt, a cardigan, and a fun lightweight scarf will give you many options to get through all of the temperature changes. Be creative, and stay warm. Or cool.

8. Wash Your Hands Regularly

a pregnant woman washing her hands in a basin

The best way to avoid germs is to keep your hands clean. Wash up whenever you come in from running errands, when you come in contact with someone who seems sick, after every bathroom break, and before eating anything. Carry hand sanitizer for those times when a sink isn't nearby. It's hard enough to be pregnant without having to deal with whatever bug is going around this winter.

9. Bring Water with You

a row of water bottles

When you're not sweating it can be deceptive how much water your body needs. The bitter, cold air is often very dry, then you go inside to a dry, heated home or office; You won't even notice how much moisture you're losing. You should be drinking at least 64 ounces (8 cups) of water every day, so bring a water bottle everywhere you go.

10. Invest in a Roadside Service Plan

a car covered in snow being towed on a road

If you're going to be on the road this winter, make sure you have backup. A membership with a roadside service plan will save you a lot of anxiety if you break down or skid out. It's bad enough when something happens to your car when it's warm outside, but the side of an icy road is not a safe place for a mom-to-be.

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