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A Body Pillow Is Essential for Pregnant Sleep

A Body Pillow is a Pregnant Mama’s Best Friend (and That’s Why We Name Them)


You know having a new baby means months of interrupted sleep. Maybe you didn’t know that sleeping during pregnancy can be challenging too! It’s like nature’s way of preparing you for having a sleepless infant, ha. If sleep is becoming but a dream, mama, a good pregnancy pillow like the Boppy® Total Body Pillow can be a godsend.

So many of pregnancy’s side effects wreak havoc on a good night’s sleep. Leg cramps, heartburn, crazy dreams, and repeated trips to the bathroom are just a few issues intent on keeping you up. And there’s the little fact of that big ol’ belly ruling out stomach and back sleeping and making it very hard to get comfortable – unless you have the right pillow.

The right pillow is the one that helps you sleep, of course. The tried-and-true Boppy® Company makes the best pregnancy pillows – they’re super comfortable and contoured in all the right places. You probably have a Boppy nursing pillow on your baby registry already (as most new moms do and have for the past 30 years!). Their pregnancy pillows are the same high-quality, versatile design, with one twist: you need it now, before the baby arrives.

When you stretch out against the Boppy® Total Body Pillow, it’s like you transfer some of the baby weight and the aches and pains of pregnancy onto its ample support, providing relief from your head and shoulders to your baby bump and on down to your legs and ankles. Beginning at about 20 weeks pregnant, experts recommend sleeping on your side exclusively to maximize blood and oxygen flow throughout your body and to your baby. A full-body pregnancy pillow like the Boppy® Total Body Pillow is designed to make side sleeping as comfortable as possible by supporting every section of your pregnant body, top, middle, and bottom. 

Aching backs, stretched out bellies, loosening hip and pelvic bones: the beautiful thing called pregnancy does a number on women’s bodies. It makes a pillow between the knees an essential for keeping the spine aligned and supported. Your swelling belly needs a lift from underneath to take the stress off your lower back. Your head, shoulders, knees, and toes crave comfort from the strain they’re under. At the end of the day, every part of your beautifully pregnant body is ready to take a load off, and a great full-body pillow is designed to help with that.

The Boppy® Total Body Pillow is also amazing for use in the living room or any place you have a chance to sit and lounge for a bit. It can actually start to feel like a member of the family – we even know of moms who refer to their Boppy® Total Body Pillow by a human name they’ve given it, after spending hours curled up with “him” or “her.” Because of their larger size, a full-body pillow can definitely make it feel like there’s another person in your bed, haha. Hey, if your hubby isn’t a fan of sleeping next to “Total Body Hank,” tell him he can have the baby next time. Until then, the pillow (and all that essential sleep support) stays!

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