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10 Ways to Have Fun During Pregnancy


You probably know the things you're supposed to do during pregnancy: take your prenatal vitamins, drink plenty of water, eat well, exercise, rest, try to lower stress, yadda yadda. But what these exhaustive lists of should's distinctly lack are things that are FUN. And this is a time when you need fun.

No, you can't drink and get rowdy, but you can bring alive that playful spirit—especially before the sleep deprivation everyone keeps talking about kicks in!

1. Henna Your Belly

Henna Your Belly kit

You can go to a professional, grab a crafty friend, or DIY, but henna bellies are beautiful. Make sure the henna is lead-free—HennaCaravanmakes some lovely stuff, including a henna "expecting" kit. Follow their designs or do your own. It'll last about a week.

2. Paint Your Belly and Take Photos

Earth Mother concept, globe body paint on a female pregnant belly

Get some non-toxic body paint and go crazy. Is Your bump a watermelon? The moon? The Cheshire Cat? Who knows? Enlist your sweetie or a friend to take plenty of pics. has a cool-looking Belly Painting Kit.


some friends dancing at a party

It doesn't matter that babies like music and it will help them feel groovy—dancing is good for YOU, and right now, this being the fun list, not the enrich-your-fetus'-brain-list, that's what matters. Don't blast what you're supposed to like, blast what you really like! Whether it's some Glee soundtrack faves, Led Zeppelin, or Beyoncé, and swirl those hips, raise your arms in the air like you just don't care—in your living room, yard, wherever feels free and good.

4. Make a Fun List

Adult pregnant woman writing in her journal with colored pens

As grown-ups, sometimes we sadly let our fun muscle get paunchy. Remind yourself of what's fun to you, and write it down. You'll need this list for when baby comes too—Vitamin F (fun) is a vital nutrient! My list includes: dancing, swimming, kissing, making crafty stuff, shopping, deep talks with friends about life and love, getting into nature, going to good movies, cooking, and reading a delicious novel.

5. Talk to Your Bebe-to-Be

pregnant mom lying on a couch

This is my woo-woo-ier side talking, but I believe we can talk to our bellies and sometimes hear an answer back in our heads. You can introduce yourself and ask how she's doing to start, then you can ask her what colors she'd like in her nursery, what foods she'd like you to eat, what you can do that's fun for her, etc. You may get some made-up answers, hear a little voice in your head, or just enjoy some sweet silence together. Either way, bonding in this way can be fun, possibly for you both.

6. Garden

Image of a pregnant mother picking tomatoes with her daughter in their garden

I've been enjoying tending life while I'm growing a life. Nothing major—just planted some cilantro and basil and flowers in some pots on our balcony, but I'm really enjoying watching them grow, watering, weeding, watching. Maybe it takes the abstract idea of gestating and makes it real, maybe it's the dirt in my hands—but it just feels good and fun. You can try a simpler version and sprout some beans, seeds, or grains in a Mason jar. Deep yum in three days!

7. Nest

Last preparation for the baby's coming out

Do this only if you find it fun! Pick some pretty colors, make a Pinterest board, then scour local thrift stores or message boards and craft stores to make your nursery dreams come true! Get your partner involved too, if that's fun. Create a little nest for the new critter together. Fun!

8. Go On a Trip

pregnant woman sitting on sand at a Caribbean beach and sunbathing

If it's just a day trip somewhere local, make these as frequently as you can. If you can take a longer vaycay/babymoon without breaking the bank, go for it. Start by making a list of the places that sound fun to you (studies show that anticipation and planning is a big part of the fun of travel). Like, the beach, an amusement park, a boat ride, a museum, a festival, a far-flung friend you haven't seen in forever.

9. Do Something Just for You

pregnant african american woman meditation at home

Do you have time to take a class you've always wanted to try? Or maybe it's about starting a journal or a meditation practice or going to prenatal yoga. Staying in touch with and/or developing a passion, no matter what anyone around you is into or thinks, is fun! Make a list of some fun you things that light your fire now.

10. Go On a Date

Young couple waiting for a baby, takes a Selfie in a bar in front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Have your sweetie make a plan, or you can do it—maybe it's a picnic, or some local theater, or a B&B weekend. Make sure it includes some candlelight, hand holding, kissing, and sweet-talking. If this is your first, it may be one of your last moments alone-along together. Relish every second. (And don't be alarmed if big topics surface—just remember: You guys are allies in life and parenting and this can be an intense time. Just keep talking and keep trying to understand each other. Feel da love.)

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