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10 Ways to Get Through a Summer Pregnancy


Being pregnant is hard enough, but add summer heat and it can be brutal. We've got tips for getting through it as easily and breezily as possible.

1. Stay Hydrated

a pregnant woman pouring water into a glass

Experts recommend drinking at least 8 cups (64 ounces) of water daily—especially in the summer months. Water is necessary to transport nutrition to your baby, flush waste from your system, and keep your skin soft. Being properly hydrated also helps your body keep cool, fight constipation, and decrease water retention. Three major benefits, considering being hot, puffy, and bound up are kind of the worst things about being pregnant.

2. Invest in a Maternity Swimsuit

a pregnant woman standing in a lake

There’s no need to skip the beach or pool just because you’re pregnant. Instead of trying to squeeze into your regular bathing suit, find one that helps you feel confident with your current body. Swimming is a great relief in the summer months—it not only cools you off, floating also relieves pressure on your joints.

3. Take a Swim Exercise Class

a pregnant woman floating in a pool

Check with your local gym or YMCA for their pool schedule. Water aerobics is a low-to-no-impact chance to strengthen and stretch your muscles while keeping cool. Always check with your health care provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

4. Nap in the Afternoon

a pregnant woman taking a nap on a bed

The afternoon is the hottest part of the day, so if you can, skip it. Being pregnant is hard work—you’re building a new person, after all—so you’ll need plenty of rest. A mid-day siesta will help you bypass the heat while letting your system recuperate and recharge.

5. Keep Your Feet Elevated

a woman lying back on a sofa relaxing

Pregnant legs, ankles, and feet are prone to swelling, and the summer heat only makes it worse. Take every chance you can to get off of your feet and lift them up. For added soothing power try placing a cold, damp towel over your legs.

6. Nest in the Morning

a pregnant woman holding two dusters

If you feel like you absolutely must wash all of the curtains and sort every article of clothing in the house, do it in the earliest part of the morning. Things don’t really start to get hot until later in the day, so use the cooler morning temperatures to your advantage.

7. Wear Loose, Cool Clothing

a pregnant woman looking over a body of water on a sunny day

Instead of trying to make your regular clothing fit, make sure you buy a cotton maxi-dress, some loose t-shirts and/or some maternity shorts. Not wearing tight, constricting clothing will help you keep cool, and honestly, it makes it easier to breathe and move, too.

8. Buy a Cool Wrap

a red scarf

Cool Wrap is an easy way to stay cool when you’re on the go. This reusable wrap only needs a bit of water to activate the gel inside. Hours of relief from the heat is definitely something every pregnant woman needs.

9. Get a Massage

a pregnant mom receiving a massage

OK, you don’t have to be pregnant in the summer to deserve a massage—every pregnant mom-to-be should get at least one awesome prenatal massage. Massage will help your body fight off swelling, it allows you to relax, plus, any good massage therapist will have an air conditioned office. Just make sure he or she is trained and very well-practiced in prenatal massage.

10. Take a Cool Bath

a woman lying in a spa

Light a scented candle, grab your favorite book, and hang out in the tub for a while. A cool or warm (no colder than 100 degrees) bath will help reduce your body’s temperature, and honestly, a bath just feels good. Enjoy some “me” time without guilt. You’re doing hard work and deserve all the breaks you can get.

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