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10 Products that Make Pregnancy Easier


Pregnancy is an amazing journey, however it can pose a lot of challenging moments along the way. But you can delete the blood pressure–jacking mental images of you struggling with the unexpected in your pregnancy journey. Instead, imagine yourself gliding through your pregnancy with the help of some practical and somewhat magical, pregnancy products.

Find out our top pregnancy aiding products below.

1. The Snoogle

a pregnant woman using a snoogle pillow

The bigger your belly gets the harder it becomes to find a comfortable position in bed. If you find that you're stockpiling pillows in an attempt to sleep, you're going to want to invest in a Snoogle. This extra-long curved body pillow gives you the perfect amount of support and flexibility to keep your hips and back happy.

2. Preggie Pops

preggie pop drops

Pregnancy can do a number on your stomach. Finding something that tastes good and also takes away your nausea is a little miracle. These hard candies have cane sugar and essential oils that aid with the stomach upset common in early pregnancy. Look for Preggie Pops the next time you need relief from morning sickness.

3. Chewable Prenatal Vitamins

prenatal vitamins

Many women complain of not being able to swallow a gigantic prenatal vitamin without feeling like they're going to trigger their now overly-sensitive gag reflex. Thankfully there are chewable alternatives that are as easy to take as eating two gummies. It's important to take your vitamins to make sure you're getting all of the nutrients you need—especially folic acid—so if the idea of a big pill turns your stomach, treat yourself to a tasty alternative.

4. The Bellaband

Woman's Fingers Touching her body parts

When your pants start to feel tight but you aren't feeling ready to go out in maternity pants, there is the Bellaband. Wearing this stretchy tube over unbuttoned (or even unzipped) pants will keep you in your regular clothing much longer than you thought possible. Bellaband also offers a little bit of extra support for your growing belly so many women choose to wear one for the entirety of their pregnancies.

5. Button Pant Extenders

button pant extenders

When early-pregnancy bloating hits, you're going to want some extra room in your jeans. To quickly and safely add an extra inch to the waist of your favorite pants, pick up a pack of button pant extenders. Simply sliding the loop over your existing button will give you the breathing room you need in the first few months of pregnancy.

6. The Holo Raft

the holo raft

Lying down on your belly becomes more and more impossible as your pregnancy progresses. If you're one of the many belly sleepers of the world, you've probably noticed how much harder it is to get comfortable at bedtime. The Holo Raft has plenty of cushion around an opening big enough for your tummy, perfect for getting some relaxation on your belly. You can lounge in the pool or just hang out in bed or on the floor—wherever you want to gain some extra comfort.

7. A Support Belt

a back support belt

The last month or two of pregnancy can be really painful—especially in your lower back and hips. If you're experiencing a lot of joint pain, and particularly if you are diagnosed with pubic symphysis dysfunction, a support belt should make you feel a lot more comfortable. While it might not be the most attractive look, you can easily hide it under your shirt.

8. Womb Music

womb music CD

This handy gadget allows you to play music for your baby and doubles as a fetal Doppler. The Doppler works best after 16 weeks of pregnancy, but after that time you can hear your baby's heartbeat and any movements she makes. Most pregnant women go through moments of doubt and insecurity over the health of the baby, so the ability to listen to your baby through Womb Music can be reassuring. The fact that you can also soothe and nurture your baby with music is a great bonus.

9. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

mama bee belly creme

While nothing can prevent stretch marks entirely, you can lessen the chances of becoming half-tiger by keeping your skin hydrated. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is fragrance-free with 99% natural ingredients. Applying this lotion to your belly will keep your skin supple. Feel free to tell your spouse that you're afraid of getting stretch marks on your back to score a nice massage, too.

10. Slip-On Shoes

Multicoloured Moroccan slippers, Marrakesh

Making sure you have a decent pair (or two) of stretchy slip-on shoes is going to make your life much easier as your belly grows. Trying to reach around a beach ball to tie your sneakers on swollen feet can be difficult and even a bit demoralizing. Having a cute pair (or three) of shoes you can easily slide on will make your feet, and you, happy.

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