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5 Essential Foods to Eat While Pregnant


There are certain foods that are famously off-limits when you're pregnant (sushi, alcohol, anything caffeinated, and pretty much anything else fun), which begs the question: What can you eat? Now that you're eating for two, here are some foods that are versatile, easy to consume and most importantly, taste great and are great for you. Eat these foods to help with fetal development, and make you feel your best.

1. Avocados

This fruit is loaded with folate, which helps with fetal bone development, as well as potassium and good fats. They're also chock-full of vitamin C and B6, two nutrients that play a pivotal role in fetal tissue growth. Plus, they're versatile and delicious. Appetizing and good for you!

2. Yogurt

Pregnancy requires a great deal of calcium - you are growing a person inside of you, after all. Yogurt is an excellent source; it has as much calcium as a serving of milk plus folate and protein. Plus, morning sickness sufferers take note: Yogurt is packed with good bacteria that can help ease upset stomachs.

an infograph showing what foods are best to eat while pregnant

"Carbohydrates provide the extra boost of energy you need."

3. Whole grains

Whole grains, like oats, quinoa and even air-popped popcorn are a good source of iron, fiber, and B vitamins. The starchiness can also help ease nausea and most importantly, the carbs provide energy, which pregnant woman find they often need an extra boost. Since an overabundance of caffeine is off-limits, carbohydrates will make up for it. 

4. Nuts

Another good source of carbohydrates are nuts. They are filled with protein, minerals like copper, zinc and potassium. Also, don't discount the fact that they're easy to find and transport. When in doubt, start filling up your pockets with almonds or cashews.

5. Water

While it's technically not a food, perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself when you're pregnant is stay hydrated. WebMD recommends around 8 glasses each day for the average, healthy adult. Pregnant women should drink at least this much, and aim for more. Yes, it's a lot, but think of the benefits:Water can help flush the toxins from your system, ease constipation and upset stomachs, and it can keep you from overindulging on junk foods later.

Don't wait - eat (and drink) up!

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