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How To Reveal The Gender Of Your Baby


Announcing the gender of your baby is an exciting and heartwarming moment for you and your family. There are a lot of things  your loved ones will be thinking about after announcing you are pregnant, and the gender announcement of your child is definitely one of them.

A lot of couples have come up with some fun ways to make this announcement. Here are a few common ones to consider:

1. Parties

Gender-announcement parties are also very popular for couples, especially for revealing to friends and family. Some moms and dads will either unveil pink or blue balloons or unwrap an baby outfit to reveal the gender.

2. Cake reveal

It's not a party without dessert. For those who love sweets, reveal the gender by baking the inside of a cake with blue or pink food coloring. Once your guests bite into the cake, they will get a chance to eat a delicious dessert and enjoy your gender announcement in a fun, unique way.

how to reveal your baby's gender infograph

3. Team sport

Have your guests show up to the gender-reveal party dressed in either blue or pink based on whether they think your baby is a boy or girl. Then, divide your guests into two teams right before you make the announcement - this adds a little competition to the gender reveal and makes for some pretty great photos, too.

4. Posting photos

As social media takes over the internet, photo shoots are becoming more common for gender announcements. Your family can hang the photos of the "It's a boy" or "It's a girl" on their refrigerators, and you can scan and upload the photos to social media after the gender is revealed. The great thing about photo shoots is you can express your personality: They can be as offbeat or traditional as you'd like. And, you'll have the memory for years to come.

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