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10 Perfect Ways to Reveal Your Baby's Gender


Gender reveal parties have Pinterest buzzing, and what could be more fun then surprising all your family and friends as well as yourself at the same time! There are so many options and fun creative thoughts on how to reveal the gender of the little one you are expecting. If you are looking for a cute gender reveal idea, we’ve got a great list of possibilities for you!

1. Silly string spray

a bunch of people using silly string to reveal a baby's gender

This one seems pretty simple, inexpensive and fun. Just purchase a bunch of silly string cans of the appropriate color, wrap them with a neutral wrapper and when it comes time to reveal- you and your guests can spray each other to reveal the gender!

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2. Bring out the dessert

a gender reveal cake

This is a pretty common one, but so cute. Head to a bakery or just have a good friend color the inside of a cake. You can even place candies of the correct color inside a cavity of the cake. Once you cut it the surprise spills out! As an alternative, you can also get fortune cookies that reveal the “fortune” of the babies gender, or make up a batch of chocolate covered cookies that contain icing or sprinkles of the 'gender color' inside them.  

3. Smoke bombs or confetti cannons

a pink gender reveal smoke explosion

Both are sure to be huge crowd pleasers and you can buy them easily at most party stores, or even here on  

4. Paint time! 

You can use paint a lot of different ways to reveal the gender of your little one. Some people take black and white photos of themselves paint brush in hand, and place handprints on a t-shirt. In the next photo, they reveal the color photo.

You could have a paint war by throwing the paint, or using squirt guns full of paint to spray one another. A canvas can be used to create a unique work of art, by throwing the “gender” colored paint at it. The best part about that idea, it can double as some awesome artwork for the nursery! 

5. Breaking a piñata or balloon

Sweet Baby Co. Jumbo 36 Inch Baby Gender Reveal Balloon

Fill a piñata or balloon with pink or blue confetti and break it open.  If you are using balloons you can even make a game out of it using darts. Have your guests take turns trying to pop the balloons for the big reveal!

6. A box of balloons

a box of balloons to be used for a gender reveal party

Have a cardboard box decorated and loaded with helium balloons of the “gender” color.  Once you open the box the balloons will float out revealing what gender you are expecting.

7. Light a sparkler

Believe it or not, they sell sparklers in pink or blue, grab enough for each guest to light a sparkler of their own and light them at the same time for a “firecracker” like reveal!  

8. Throw a luau

Have everyone break out their Hawaiian shirts, pour the tropical flavored drinks, and use a homemade volcano to announce your little one’s gender - just simply use blue or pink dye instead of red or yellow and wait for the fun to erupt! If you need instructions on how to make a volcano, check out these steps.

9. Don’t wait for the your baby’s first birthday, light a candle now

color changing candles for gender reveals

You can find candles that are made of color changing wax.  As they burn, the wax will reveal your little one’s gender!

10. Use a straw

Coloring changing straws are super fun any time, but they can make your gender reveal party a huge success. Hand out the straws that change to pink or blue to your guests along with a cold beverage. Have everyone drink at the same time and watch as the color of the straws reveal your baby’s gender.   

Regardless of the method of reveal you choose, enjoy your celebration!

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