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Creative Baby Gender Reveal Ideas


Gender reveals and the parties that surround them are becoming more and more all the rage these days with new parents-to-be…especially when it comes to Baby #2 or more, because typically many people don’t have more than one shower. So, why not have a gender reveal party instead?

Cutting open the cake to reveal a pink or blue color is old news, though. How can you keep things creative, fresh, and interesting with your baby gender reveal? Here are a few ideas to make things fun:

1. Balloons

When I was pregnant with my first, I told my sonogram tech that I didn’t want to find out the gender right away. I had her put the results in a sealed envelope, and then brought a big box to Hallmark and had them open the envelope and fill the box with the correct color balloons. We then went to a neighborhood park with a photographer friend and opened the box to reveal blue balloons to show that we were having a BOY!

2. Piñata

With baby #2, we wanted to do something similar, but also wanted to keep things interesting and make it different from the last reveal. This time we similarly had the sonogram tech place the gender in a sealed envelope, and we got our neighbor in on the reveal, because we didn’t want to know in advance. We bought a super cute pull-string piñata from Lalas Party and bought both pink and blue colored confetti in advance. Our neighbor then filled the piñata with the correct colored confetti. Our photographer friend joined us again in the park to capture the pull and our reactions when the BLUE confetti came down! Another BOY! You could also fill your piñata with candies which would be a lot of fun, but we figured confetti would be less expensive and also a better option for a photo shoot since it would float down slowly.

3. Outfit in a Box

Another idea I had come up with (maybe for Baby #3???) was to pick out both a girl’s outfit and a boy’s outfit and hand the sealed envelope to the cashier to have her box up and wrap the correct outfit according to the sonogram. You could open this on your own or in front of your party guests to reveal the gender of the baby on the way. This could also be a fun idea for a reveal around Christmastime when you are already unwrapping gifts.

4. Older Sibling Reveal

Nothing like having a cute toddler walk in to make the big reveal to the party guests! If your little one is cooperative, it could be fun to have him or her wear a T-Shirt stating the baby’s gender underneath a jacket. For example, have them wear a shirt that says, “I’m getting a little sister!” and then have then unzip the jacket to make the reveal to the crowd.

5. Make it a Guessing Game

Make things interactive at your party by coming up with a creative way to take a ballot. Guests can wear blue bowties or pink hair bows to state their guess. Or they could write their guess on a display board for all to see. Guests making the correct guess could take home a small fun trinket as a prize.

6. Gender Reveal Scratch Tickets

These scratch-off tickets at Etsy are incredible adorable and creative! They are fabulous both for a gender reveal party, or you could mail them out to family and friends to discover the surprise on their own.

7. Confetti Pops

I also love the idea of confetti or glitter filled push pops that you can hand out at the party. Everyone can open them at the same time for the big surprise. OR, choose to have only one confetti pops filled with color inside and the rest could be white, so you have to find the correct one for the big reveal.

At the end of the day, a happy healthy baby is really what we all wish for, but I have to admit there is something exciting about a gender reveal! It definitely makes things fun.

How did you reveal your baby’s gender? Can you think of another creative idea to add to this list?

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