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8 Fun and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas


Gender reveal ideas have come a long way since colored cakes and pinatas packed with pink or periwinkle paper. We surveyed Instagram and Pinterest to find these eight different ways to share the sex of your baby.

1. Stage a Magic Trick

A perfect way to include siblings (especially the ones who like to be the center of attention), this pull-the-gender-from-the-hat idea was posted on Instagram by canela717. It works for both live reveal and as a photo story on Instagram or Facebook.

revealing gender idea

2. Pop! Goes the..

revealing gender idea

This one, seen on, couldn't be easier to prep and is a great way to involve your partner. Simply pick up two packs of gum, one pink and one blue. Blow simultaneous bubbles, one of each color, then pop the one that doesn't represent your baby's gender. It's sweet, it's simple, and it makes a great photograph!

3. Splatter It To Show It

revealing gender idea

Here's a fun way to share your baby's gender (and prepare for the messiness of parenthood!). All you need is some non-toxic pink or blue paint, a couple of white T-shirts, and a nice day. Then let the paint fight begin!

4. Invite The Tech

revealing gender idea

For the truly dramatic, inviting an ultrasound tech to your gender reveal party might be the ultimate showstopper. According to, you can hire a tech to come with their equipment for about $500. Want to make it truly memorable? Wait until the party to find out the gender for yourselves!

an infographic on the some fun ways to reveal your baby's gender

5. Gift The Gender

revealing gender idea

For mamas sharing their exciting news around the holidays, the gift of your baby's gender might be the best present you've ever given. Simply pick up some clear ornament bulbs and fill them with pink or blue glitter (like the one pictured from Wrap them up and send them out to be opened on Christmas morning!

6. Be Scientific

revealing gender idea

If it's a truly unique and

7. The Hands Of It

revealing gender idea

This one works well both live and as photos to post on social media. Let your little one of partner spill the news by making handprints on your belly. The paint color choice says it all of course!

8. Reinforce Gender Stereotypes

revealing gender idea

Hey, why not when it's just about all you have to work with! Throw a "'Staches or Lashes," "Guns or Glitter," or "Ties and Tutus" party. Have every guest predict whether you're having a boy or a girl by selecting the appropriate accessory, and tally the votes. Then let the cat out of the bag!

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