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The Baby Shower Guide


There are so many baby shower games that the list is almost endless! There's everything from fun and silly to sentimental and reflective baby shower games. You know your guest of honor the best, so take your pick from our top baby shower game ideas, and let the games commence!

Baby Shower Games

  • Guess Who -- Everyone who attends the baby shower brings a baby picture of herself, (the host should provide one for the mommy-to-be). They are pinned to a board, and everyone guesses which baby picture belongs to whom.
  • Mother & Baby Songs -- The group names as many songs as they can with the words 'mom,' 'mama,' 'mother,' etc, in them. If there's anybody who hasn't heard the song before, you have to sing a portion of the song. If your party guests enjoy karaoke, this is the game for you!
  • Memory Game -- Random baby items are placed on a tray, and everyone gets 10 seconds to try and memorize them. The items are then covered back up, and everyone has to write down how many they remembered. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize!
  • Preggo Pictionary -- Just like regular Pictionary, words are picked from random and have to be drawn and guessed. The only difference is that all the words must be baby or pregnancy related!
  • Diaper Duty -- A variety of chocolate bars are melted and smeared on diapers, and the party guests have to take turns inspecting the contents. Whomever guesses which chocolate bar is in which diaper, wins a prize. Word to the wise, though -- this game might not suit all tastes!
  • Ask Daddy -- Before the shower, get the father-to-be to answer baby related questions (such as 'how much does a baby sleep?' or 'how many diapers do you need to change each day?'). During the shower, tell mom that you asked her partner these questions, and she has to guess what his answer was!
  • Thumbprint Guest Book -- Each guest leaves their thumbprint on a sheet of paper, which already has a bare tree sketched or printed onto it. Each thumbprint takes the place of a leaf on the tree…creating a literal family tree. This will be a heartfelt gift for mom to take away.

an infographic on some tips to host a great baby shower

What to Bring the Mom-to-Be

These days, most women create a baby registry, so that their friends and family can buy gifts that are actually needed. This is a great tool for baby showers, since there won't be any awkward duplicates. In case the mommy-to-be prefers not to use a registry, here are some common must-have items:

  • Diapers! -- A new parent will never have enough diapers. Don't buy too many newborn ones…they grow out of them much faster than you'd think.
  • Diaper Cake -- These can be handmade or store-bought, but are the perfect combination of diapers, tiny socks, onesies and hats. They can also include stuffed animals, small toys like rattles, washcloths and hair accessories.
  • Baby Clothes -- Usually a favorite to buy, these will be warmly welcomed. However even though newborn clothes may be the cutest to shop for, they're used for the least amount of time, so opt for some 3-6 or 6-9 month outfits.
  • Swaddles -- Rarely will you hear a new mom say she didn't get any use out of her swaddle blanket. Babies, especially brand new ones, want to feel like they're still inside that cozy, warm womb. Swaddle blankets do just that, so make a friend for life and give one of these at your next shower.
  • Essentials For Mom -- Often forgotten about in the rush of excitement that a new baby creates, mom has been through the wringer, and needs some TLC now more than ever. Create a nice basket full of lotions, breast pads, favorite snacks, magazines or books, and anything else you think she might like. She will definitely appreciate the gesture.
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