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How to Throw a Baby Shower


Baby showers are parties at which the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts for her new baby. Usually held in the last few months of a woman's pregnancy, friends, family, and coworkers get together to treat her to a day of friends, fun, and sometimes pampering. The hosts arrange the baby shower games, food, and refreshments, and other fun activities. What you do at a baby shower really depends on what the woman's personality and tastes are -- as long as she has lots of fun and doesn't have to lift a finger unless she wants to, you're doing it right!

Baby Shower Ideas

The last few months of a woman's pregnancy can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Try and make this day as easy and relaxing as possible for her. Baby showers can be a surprise, or the mom-to-be can be in on the planning, but try to keep a few surprises up your sleeve. If you can, try to get the most important women in her life to attend. While a co-ed baby shower is just as enjoyable, it can be quite a special experience for a woman to celebrate the impending birth of her baby with her mother, sisters, grandmothers, etc. You can order pizza or cater in something fancier (or even treat her to a nice meal out). There are usually favors for all the guests to take home.

an infographic on some tips to host a great baby shower

What to Do

There are numerous baby shower games you could play, ranging from the sentimental to the stinky. You could give makeovers to each other, or just visit and relax. It's customary for each guest to bring a gift for the baby (and sometimes for the mom, too!), and these are usually opened during the shower, with everyone gathered around. Do pay attention to what your friend or relative would prefer here, however, as some women would prefer not to open the gifts in front of everyone. It's also becoming more common for some women to request no gifts are given at all, particularly if this is a shower for a second or third baby. If you are the guest of honor, remember to send out thank you notes to the guests that attended, and a small thank you gift to the host is usually well received.

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