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Baby Shower Games You Will Actually Enjoy


There's a lot for expectant parents to do before they become parents; one of them is survive the baby shower. If a party with no booze sounds like it might be a struggle, here are a few party games that will get everybody excited about the new addition and the party.

Paint onesies & blocks

If there's one tried and true rule for new moms it's this: there's no such thing as too many onesies. Set up a station with paints or fabric markers and plain onesies that guests can decorate any way they like. This also works with plain wooden blocks that guests can paint, creating alphabet blocks for the baby. These are fun, engrossing and practical; creations that the parents will want to save long after their baby outgrows them.

"There's no such thing as too many onesies."

Nursery rhyme trivia

New parents need to have a deep knowledge of these tried and true kid pleasers, so why not have your friends lend a hand? Print out a sheet here for guests to fill out on their own or in teams. You can also ask the questions and have them shout out answers for the oddest yet most helpful trivia game a new parent can play.

Baby bump game

Gather some cloth tape measures and have guests try and guess just how big mom-to-be's stomach has gotten. The closest guess wins a prize of your choosing, or simply bragging rights; or in some more extreme cases, the closest guess is ejected from the baby shower and is never spoken to again. That is in the hands of the party organizer.

Baby photo game

Set up a display of guests' baby photos and try to guess which is which. It's a good way of seeing how well everybody knows one another. And more often than not, it's hilarious.

Guess the gender

Everyone has a guess about a baby's gender, whether they admit it or not. Play this up by having guests try and guess if the new addition will be a boy or girl. Take a straw poll as they walk in, or tally on a chalkboard with different colored chalk. This is also a good precursor to a gender reveal.

These are just a few ideas, the important thing is everyone has a good time. Now start decorating onesies!

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