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Baby Shower Dos and Don'ts


If you're throwing a baby shower, there's a lot to consider. Here are a few basic dos and don'ts to help guide you.

Do involve the guest of honor in the planning process

"No opening of presents, no games, no crust-less bread. And I want fried chicken."
"Fried chicken! But it's not Super Bowl Sunday."
"It's my shower, and I'll fry if I want to."

Anyone who's seen "Sex and the City" is probably familiar with this episode; a very pregnant Miranda demands a casual shower from a relentless Charlotte, and her pleas are least at first. Charlotte relents when Miranda threatens not to show up. The important lesson gleaned from this fictional incident: This shower is not actually for you. There's always a possibility that your vision of storks, pink or blue everything, and ribbon hats just isn't this particular future mom's thing, so talk to her first about what she wants out of the shower and who she would like to have included, and don't forget to listen. You probably don't want this event to be the last time you two speak.

Don't surprise mom-to-be

Your pal has got a lot going on, what with growing a person inside her body, making sure her new crib is set up properly, trying to get her shoes to fit, etc. Given the varying challenges of late pregnancy, perhaps the worst thing you can do is throw her a surprise party. Make sure the guest of honor has plenty of warning about who will be attending, and clear the date well ahead of time so she has time to look and feel her best.

"One of the worst things you can do is throw a surprise party for the mom-to-be."

Do keep food and drinks simple

Baby showers involve a lot of mingling, so serve foods that are easy to serve, eat easy clean up (just in case). Typically alcohol is not expected at showers, but if you do decide to include it, stick with straightforward options like wine, beer, and champagne. Whatever you serve, get a lot. Showers tend to be fairly laid back, sedentary affairs, and since the guest of honor is eating for two, chances are you will need more food than you expected.

Don't exclude the guys (or the kids)

While traditionally showers were girls-only events, baby showers with men and kids are becoming more common. Check with the mom-and-dad-to-be and see if a co-ed shower is something that interests them. Having the sexes together does tend to make the baby shower less shower-y and more party-like, which may appeal to some couples. But if a few hours of mingling sounds like a slog, another option is inviting men and kids to stop by toward the end of the event, this way everyone is included and the shower can still be more traditional.

This will help you get started, now go crazy and have fun!

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