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6 Creative Ideas for Baby Shower Favors


When it comes to baby shower favors, you can't go wrong with cookies or colored candies. But if you're looking for a different approach, here are a few alternatives to give out to guests as they leave what will definitely be the "best shower ever."

1. Planters with seeds

One great alternative to cookies or candy is a small sachet of seeds and a pot to grow them in. These are favors that are inexpensive and easy to make, or you can purchase customizable versions here. If seeds seem like too much work, try opting for plants that thrive on neglect, like small succulents or cacti. These scrappy little guys can go weeks between waterings and are great additions to office desks everywhere.
Popcorn is a great favor to give out for an "About to Pop!"-themed baby shower. 

2. Popcorn

A popular shower theme right now is "about to pop!" If that's the theme you opted for then you can't beat popcorn as a favor for your guests. You can include customized microwave bags of popcorn, available for purchase here, or you can easily pop the popcorn yourself and put them in nice decorative bags, like these ones, or just have the guests fill bags themselves. There are also about a million delicious custom flavors of popcorn out there, so feel free to go nuts and splurge on the caramel cheese medley.

3. Champagne bottles

Another good favor for the "About to pop!" theme, miniature champagne bottles are fun, festive, and easy to find. You can simply give out chilled bottles as the guests leave, or to go the extra mile you can purchase customizable labels to add to the bottles here.

4. Tea

Another popular theme for many showers is "something's brewing," and for favors you can't get any better than tea. You can put together small kits with teacups or tea pots, you can include the guest of honor's favorite, or customize the tea flavors for each guest. There are even customized favors for baby showers available for purchase here and here.

5. Body scrub

Cheap and easy to make, body scrub is a nice way to pamper guests as they leave, and is also easy to customize. You can purchase large quantities of it, or find some good recipes here; all you need are small jars, which you can find here, or at most craft stores.

6. Nail polish

If the parents have announced the sex and the guest list is girls only, then consider giving out nail polish as a favor. Cheap, easy to find, and easy to transport, these are also an unusual favor item to give out. Buy varying hues of pink or blue and make little tags with the shower date on them, your guests will thank you.

No matter what you choose to give out, make sure it's something your guest of honor would enjoy. Create, plan and have fun!

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