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Great Baby Register Gift Ideas


Baby showers are about getting you ready for your first baby, but they're also supposed to be fun. Here are some things you can ask your friends for that they will enjoy getting you:


There's always at least one person who will get you something adorable that your baby will outgrow in a week, and who cares? Let them. It's always good to have something cute on hand that will impress the grandparents.


These are easy to find and are incredibly useful, so don't worry about receiving half a dozen of them. There's always a chance that one shower gift will become your baby's special blanket.

Diaper bag

This bag will probably end up being your purse for the first year, so ask your friends to get you a nice one. You will get a ton of use out of it, and your friends will enjoy getting something that is practical and cute.

Car seats make for a great baby shower registry item


You will be up late and you will be tired, so ask for something to keep you from falling asleep on your couch at 2 a.m.. If you purged your DVD player in your last garage sale, a streaming subscription is a great alternative.

Gift certificates

A night out with a baby in the house is a big luxury. If you're not sure what exactly you want for your shower, think about asking for gift certificates to your favorite restaurants and movie theaters, or one for a baby sitting service. Having these on hand may be just what you need for a spur-of-the-moment night out.


It should surprise no one that babies love toys, since most adults love them, too. Expect everything from stuffed animals to rattles, and don't be afraid to add one larger item like an activity center or a bouncy seat.

Items You Should Buy Yourself​

If baby showers are about the fun, you should plan your own practical shopping trip. Here are some things you should purchase for yourself.


Only you know what you want and what works best in your space. Go out and get yourself a crib and changing table, and any larger pieces you may need.

Car seat/stroller

Picking out your own stroller and car seat is important. Just like with the furniture you select, only you know what works best with your lifestyle. Get these things yourself and ask friends for other accessories.


You will definitely receive cute outfits at your shower, but if there's one thing you can't have too many of, it's plain white onesies. Buy a ton for yourself, and let your friends buy the fun ones with cute animals.

Medical basics

Things like a thermometer, a medicine dropper and a suction bulb are good to have on hand, and they're not much fun to include on a shower registry. Go out and get these yourself. If you don't, there's a good chance you will wind up needing them at four in the morning.


Even if you are breast-feeding, you should buy your own bottles. They're important to have in case you need a break, or when someone else is watching your baby.

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