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The Building Blocks of a Great Baby Registry


Baby registries aren't just for the newborn. In fact, why not ask for items for yourself or for when your little one grows a bit? You're likely to get a lot of gifts that focus strictly on your brand new baby, and while that's helpful at the time, you'll need support and other items as your child ages too.

Create your registry as soon as that first trimester morning sickness ends. At this time, you'll be getting excited about the baby and really starting to plan for his or her arrival. Based on your plans, you gain an understanding of what you'll need, like a crib, stroller, bottles and clothing, before you create your registry. Write down those important items after taking stock of what you've amassed already. Your nursery may already be jam packed! Add a link to your registry in your baby shower invite so attendees can easily find out what you'd love for gifts. This also reduces the chances of people buying multiples of the same item if you only need one.

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While the basic items like diapers and onesies are crucial, so are products like nursing bras and even massages to help you de-stress. Don't hesitate to ask for items that are a little off the beaten path. If they'll help you and your baby, the gifter will appreciate knowing they can buy something that's useful down the road.

Make sure you also cover a wide range of prices when creating your registry. Not everyone will have a few hundred dollars for a gift, but providing options will help your loved ones understand what you need. They can then assess your registry and select items they can afford.

Now that you've created your registry, make sure to pick up some thank-you cards so you can show your appreciation for your loved ones' generosity!

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