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8 Registry Items You Might Forget


Putting together a baby registry can be confusing for first-time parents. While everyone agrees that you’ll need baby clothes and bedding, there are so many parenting essentials that almost everyone forgets to add.

Here's our list of top items not to leave off your registry.

A nose cleaner: Nosefrida

nosefrieda product

A snot sucker?? Who needs that?... you might be asking. Well, you do, that’s who! Sometimes it seems like babies are born congested – and if you think you can just blow a newbie’s nose, you haven’t been there. Newborn noses must be suctioned. In the old days, clunky bulb syringes were the most tried and true nasal cleaners on the market — but once Nosefrida snot suckers hit the scene, all that was forgotten.

Surprisingly easy to use and more effective than the leading bulb syringe, you can rest assured your baby’s nasal passages will be free and clear.

 Check it out on Amazon

A nail file: Buzz B. 

Nail File

Trimming a baby’s nails is so important from day one, because they can easily scratch themselves with their tiny, flailing fists. But since baby nails are so small, most moms will experience a certain amount of agita using even the teeniest of clippers.

That’s why we recommend registering for an electronic nail file. It’s safe for baby, and puts mom at ease. Each Buzz B. from Zoli Baby comes with three different discs to size up as the baby grows, so your nail-trimming exercises will always be pain- and nick-free.

Check it out on Amazon

A mom massage

You won’t be ready for a massage for a little while (especially if you’ve had a C-section) but a gift certificate for one hour of soothing, pampering, revitalizing massage at a local spa is a great thing to have on hand for when you are — just check with your doc at your 6-week appointment.

Meanwhile, put that gift certificate on your refrigerator so you don’t forget (because you will forget to take care of yourself once the baby’s here). And if you’re not comfortable with the idea of a mom massage, a gift certificate for a short series of baby massage classes makes a great alternative.

A humidifier: Crane

kids humidifier

Your baby needs a comfortable environment from the first day, and that means both temperature and humidity. Stuffy noses and difficult breathing can be eased with something as simple as a humidifier in the nursery, so don’t forget to add one to your registry. We recommend a cool mist model that’s easy to clean — and it doesn’t hurt if the design is cute, either.

The adorable animal styles from Crane are just what a baby’s room needs. Plus, they’re BPA- and Phthalate-free, very quiet, and use an ultrasonic technology that disperses a fine mist in the air.

Check them out on Amazon

A bottle brush: Oxo

bottle brush product

Sure, you can pick up a bottle brush at any local drugstore or supermarket, but if you’re planning on pumping, you’ll need this accessory right away — and you’ll want it to be the best. A good bottle brush is an early start essential that will help you keep bottles clean and germ-free.

We especially like the OXO brush for its strong bristles and added nipple cleaning attachment. Mom365 members tested the product it was new on the market and gave it a round of applause.

Check it out on Amazon

Gel pads: Soothies

gel pad soothie

So many first-time moms add breast pumps and nursing bras to their registries, but few ever anticipate the soreness that can occur during those first few weeks of breastfeeding. “Better safe than sorry” should be your motto, which is why you’ll be glad to have Gel Pads on hand when you need them most.

Ultra soothing and cooling, the Soothies gel pads just might help you hold on when you think you’ve had enough.

Check it out on Amazon

A white noise machine: Graco

graco noise machine

Every baby reacts to sleep aids differently, but judging by all the happy responses from well-rested parents, the Graco Sweet Slumber Noise machine could be as-close-to-perfect for lulling baby to sleep and drowning out background noise as you can get.

It also has many different modes to choose from, including heart beat and womb sounds. And since no new parent can possibly foresee what it will take to get baby to sleep, it’s important to cover your bets and put this often-forgotten product on the baby registry.

Check it out on Amazon

A mom-group membership

Really! You might think you’re not the type, but once your baby is past the sleep-eat-poop-repeat stage, chances are you’ll be eager to get out of the house and meet some other moms. Some of the most popular classes you’re likely to find in your area are Mommy and MeGymboree, and (our favorite) Music Together.

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