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Resources for Postpartum Depression


Postpartum Support International Hotline

Hotline: (800) 944-4PPD

Who it's for: Postpartum women and their families

What it offers:

  • The help line, which is available in English and Spanish, will refer you to a local resource that can help you - including emergency services.

  • The Web site helps you understand the emotional changes women experience during and after pregnancy.

Postpartum Help

Who it’s for: Moms and their families

What it offers:

  • Learn about postpartum depression, including symptoms and signs of PPD, risk factors and medical treatments.

  • This site will help you manage your symptoms, share your experiences with other moms and find ways to feel better.

Postpartum Depression

Who it’s for: Mothers

What it offers:

  • This site's articles on postpartum depression include advice about preventing and treating this condition, including self-help, antidepressants and other treatment options.

The Online PPD Support Group

Who it’s for: Mothers and fathers

What it offers:

  • Get postpartum depression support through discussion forums, a peer support e-mail list and newsletters.

  • Informational resources on the site include a list of books on postpartum depression, articles explaining the illness and a small section for dads explaining PPD and how they can help.

3 Resources for Parents

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