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Resources for Moms and Moms-To-Be



United States Department of Health and Human Services 

Who it’s for: Everybody

What it offers:

  • Find contact information and links to state agencies, regional offices and the Social Security Administration.

  • Go to Families & Children to get information about and links to sites about adoption, Medicaid, WIC, financial assistance and family issues including child and domestic abuse, childcare and child support.

Child Support Network

Who it’s for: Single parents

What it offers:

  • Get help finding your child's noncustodial parent and collecting court-ordered child-support payments when state agencies are unable to help.

National Healthy Start Association

Who it’s for: Pregnant women who need prenatal and/or postnatal care, parenting help and counseling

What it offers:

  • This Web site has a directory of local Healthy Start projects throughout the U.S. including telephone, e-mail and online addresses.

  • Healthy Start is a federally funded program that works with community-based organizations and child health programs. Depending on the location, you might find services including, prenatal, home visits, coordination of healthcare (including transportation), STD testing, parenting groups and counseling.

Earn Benefits

Who it’s for: Families in Buffalo, New York City, Memphis, Baltimore, Wisconsin,  Atlanta and an expanding list of cities.

What it offers:

  • Get help figuring out how to apply for government-subsidized health insurance, food stamps, WIC, childcare assistance, public assistance and many other financial, health and social services.

  • The site lists eligibility requirements and gives directions on how to apply, as well as a list of community-based organizations that can help with these and other services.

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