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Pregnancy Resources


National Pregnancy Help Hotline

Hotline: (800) 395-4357

Who it's for: Pregnant women

What it offers:

  • If you think you're pregnant, talk to a counselor who can answer questions about pregnancy testing, adoption, parenting, abortion, etc.

  • Also get referrals to local pregnancy centers that offer medical services including free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and counseling.


Hotline: (888) 493-0092

Who it’s for: Pregnant women

What it offers:

  • Talk about pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion toll-free.

Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant…

Who it’s for: Pregnant teens and their parents

What it offers:

  • If you're a pregnant teen or the parent of a teen who's pregnant, get Web-based advice on dealing with pregnancy and discussing it within the family.

  • Learn how the feelings you're facing are shared by other teens and their families during pregnancy. Includes sections specifically for teens (including young men), parents, and both.

Birthright International

Hotline: 800 550-4900

Who it’s for: Pregnant women in need of help, support or advice

What it offers:

  • Get non-judgmental advice on what to do about your pregnancy, as well as emotional support and help preparing for your baby.

  • Get referrals for free pregnancy testing; legal, medical and educational services; maternity and baby clothes; and social agencies that can help you.

The Young Mommies Help Site

Who it’s for: Young mothers

What it offers:

  • For young mothers and moms-to-be, this site offers many resources to help you think through your options and deal with motherhood. You'll find community boards, articles, and links to information about choices like adoption, abortion, marriage and single parenthood. There is also a chat room feature.

  • Find a directory of hotlines, centers and other programs for pregnant teens and young moms. Directory includes centers in cities in Nevada, Arkansas, Texas Wisconsin, Washington, Colorado, Alabama, and California.

Planned Parenthood

Who it’s for: All women

What it offers:

  • Planned Parenthood offers a full menu of reproductive-health services, including prenatal care, general women's health, birth control and the morning-after pill. Some locations base fees on your income, have a pay-later service for birth control and/or will help you sign up for low-cost health insurance.

  • Informative online articles help you learn about prenatal nutrition, your first prenatal doctor visit and other pregnancy and postpartum health issues. Plus, find your closest Planned Parenthood center.

Who it’s for: Teens

What it offers:

  • Get articles on birth control, pregnancy, relationships, your rights as a teen mother or father, and many other sex,  health and parenting concerns of teens.

March of Dimes

Who it’s for: Pregnant and new mothers

What it offers:

  • Click on "Pregnancy and Newborn" to watch instructional videos, listen to audio and follow a fun flash presentation, all about healthy pregnancy and basic newborn care. This is a great site if you're looking for ways to grow a healthy baby and be a good and happy parenting.

Resources for Moms and Moms-To-Be 4

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