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3 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life


If you need a little boost in the bedroom, don’t worry - you don’t need to spend lots of money on the latest and greatest sex products. In fact, you've probably got a bunch tucked away in your closets and drawers right now.

Here are three common items you might have lying around the house that can heat your bedroom up:

1. Your Nursing Pillow

Whether you’re still using your nursing pillow or have it packed away, pop a new cover on it and use it as a sex pillow. It can help make your favorite positions more comfortable or allow you to try new ones thanks to the extra support.

2. Olive Oil

Need some lube? Olive oil just so happens to be a fantastic natural lubricant. You’ll want to be sure you’re not allergic by doing a quick skin test on your arm. And keep in mind that it doesn’t work well with latex. But in a pinch, it’s fabulous (and tastes better than the other bottled options. Ahem).

3. Massagers

If you’ve got a battery powered massager or even a wooden or plastic one, try getting a little creative. Start on the back and work your way down. Talk about getting bang for your buck!

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