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9 Ways To Save Money at the Grocery Store


Shopping for food, especially when you’re feeding a family, can be expensive! Luckily, there are lots of hidden savings to be found at the grocery store. Try these 9 ways to find deals and stick to your budget.

1. Use Coupons Carefully

some grocery coupons being cut out

Smart shoppers know coupons can help you save money, but only if you use them wisely. You want to redeem coupons for things and brands that you would normally buy; don’t let having a coupon motivate you to buy something extra. Double up a coupon with a sale price on your needed items for more savings.

2. Buy in Bulk, But Only When It Makes Sense

a couple returning home from the grocery store

Sure, the jumbo bag of chips costs less per serving, but if your family won’t finish the bag before they go stale, then your savings are moot. Choose the larger sizes on items that will keep until you’re ready to eat them to make sure you realize the savings of purchasing the “economy” size item.

3. Get the Store Membership Card

a young woman holding a credit card

Most grocery stores offer free membership cards that provide discounts on items throughout the store. Be sure to register your card and link it to your phone number, which you can use to access the discounts even if you leave the card at home. Bonus: some stores now have apps where you can load e-coupons onto your membership card and view the weekly ads.

4. Stick to Your List

a shopping list being checked off

Impulse buys at the store can be killers on your budget. Save money by making a list at home and sticking to it while you’re shopping. Consider making the list on your phone using your store’s app so you won’t accidentally leave it at home.

5. Compare Price Per Ounce

a young woman doing some shopping at a grocery store with her daughter

Grocery stores list the “price per ounce” below the price posted on the shelf. Use those helpful little numbers to determine which size package offers the best deal when you’re purchasing a item you use frequently.

6. Shop Bulk Bins

Woman Shopping for Fresh Fish Seafood in Supermarket Retail Store

Bulk bins can be a great ways to score some savings on dry-food items like pastas, grains, and nuts. They’re also worth a stop if you’re in need of just a teaspoon or two of obscure herbs and spices for a specific recipe; why throw down $5 for a jar of thyme when you can get the tiny amount you need for 16 cents?

7. Stock Up During Sales

fruit on sale at a grocery store

Don’t hesitate to stock up if you find a great price on a non-perishable item that your family loves. It might feel crazy to buy five boxes of the same cereal at once, but it might also make a lot of sense depending on the deal you got and how quickly your family goes through a box.

8. Buy Store Brands

a young man doing some shopping at a grocery store

Store brands are often of comparable quality to name brands, but with lower price tags. Save money by swapping a store brand item for the expensive brand name version.

9. Compare Prices at Stores

a young woman doing some shopping at a grocery store

If there are several grocery stores in your local area, take a few minutes each week to compare the prices advertised in their weekly circulars. Depending on which items you have on your list that week, it might be worth hitting a different store each week to take advantage of sale prices.

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