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10 Parenting Hacks for Busy Moms


Moms today are busier than ever. We’re all down on sleep, high on stress, and short on time, especially when it comes to ourselves (but the experts insist we somehow make self care a priority, hmm). Between work, our kids, our partners, and the million digital applications that need our attention, we’re seriously swamped. And parenting is hard enough when we're relaxed and rested!

With the days flying by, we turn to life hacks to get everything done and hopefully eek out a few moments of true downtime. These 10 parenting hacks can help you keep the peace between kids, score you an extra minute or two, or just keep you sane-ish while you navigate parenting today.

10 Parenting Hacks for Busy Moms

  1. Buy cups in one color only. Pass on the multicolored packs of anything your kids will use. You’ll head off tons of sibling and playmate battles over “the pink cup”  or “the green cup” when all of your cups are pink or green. Why don’t the nurses tell you this immediately after delivery?! 
  2. Don’t start a routine unless you’re committed. Kids love routines, especially when it involves time with their parents. If you start a bedtime routine involving a bubble bath, three songs, six books, and 15 minutes of snuggling, you better plan on repeating that every day until your kid turns 12. So establish routines carefully.
  3. Limit choices. Our generation of parents is big on offering kids a lot of options, but it always seems to backfire on us (as anyone who’s ever offered a choice between two desserts knows – after the first choice has been consumed, kids always think they get the second option too!). Plus, you're just asking to start a fight between siblings when you give too many options. For your own sanity, offer choices carefully.
  4. Multiple kids? Buy multiple items. Sharing is a wonderful idea, but most kids don’t like to share snacks and toys with their siblings. (Before you judge, consider your willingness to share your morning coffee or evening ice cream with your spouse. Understand now?). Do yourself a favor and buy in multiples.
  5. a family sitting down for dinner

  6. Serve one menu. Feed your child the same foods you eat as much as possible from the moment s/he starts on solids, unless you’ve secretly been wanting a side gig as a unpaid short-order cook and dishwasher for the next 18 years.
  7. Under-promise and over-deliver. Keep plans for fun activities and scheduled play dates on the down low until you know they are happening for sure. Plans change and friends get sick, and those cancellations can cause minor devastation (displayed as huge tantrums) in young kids. But surprising your little with the news that you are on your way to the playground to meet a favorite friend? That'll earn you some serious supermom status.
  8. Ignore other parents. Try not to let what other families are doing influence your choices, or you’ll go crazy. Focus on what's best for your family, and on what you really want for your kids.
  9. Don't break the bank on toys. Truth: The more expensive the toy, the less your kids will use it, no matter how much they begged for it. Frustrating but true! What kids love most is their parents’ stuff, or items that emulate their parents' stuff. And cardboard boxes. Save your money!
  10. Avoid battles. Stand offs with stubborn tots are no fun. Instead, try making your ask a kid-friendly game or activity. Have pajama pull on races. Make sticker reward charts for teeth brushing and hand washing. Read stories while hair brushing. Let them watch a short YouTube video for getting dressed (shoes included) on your first ask.
  11. Pay attention now. You can head off many a tantrum, playground injury, or enormous mess just by paying attention to your kiddo and not your phone. Plus, they’re only little once, and they adore their moms. Stop what you're doing and snuggle them!
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