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10 Gifts for Your Nanny That You'll Love


Juggling motherhood and career is a challenge, but when you have an amazing nanny helping you every step of the way, the sun tends to shine a bit brighter, and you just know that it's all going to be OK. Whether it's her birthday, a holiday or nanny appreciation week, it's never a bad time to give back to the one person who gives her all for your family every day.

Here are 10 awesome gifts that will show your thanks and gratitude:

1. A spoonful of sugar

If Mary Poppins ain't got nothing on your nanny, let her know with a heartfelt card and this engraved silver spoon from Etsy. Depending on your budget, you could add a pound of gourmet coffee beans and a coffee grinder - or some fancy teas and a few jars of honey. Don't forget a bag of sugar!

An engraved spoon along with gourmet coffee or tea will make her feel special.An engraved spoon along with gourmet coffee or tea will make her feel special.

2. Personalized jewelry

Between Etsy, Amazon and your neighborhood jeweler, there are endless options available at every price point. This cute charm bracelet features the word "nanny" alongside neutral tones that would mix well with any wardrobe. Or, if your nanny prefers a simpler style, gift this sophisticated initial necklace in 24-karat gold by Maya Brenner.

3. A shopping spree

If your nanny is like most, she tends to do plenty for others while neglecting herself. Make her feel like a queen for the day by taking her on a shopping spree! Visit the mall or her favorite department store together and let her pick out whatever she likes until you reach your pre-determined budget. It's amazing how special a new outfit or tube of fancy lipstick can make a woman feel.

Want to put a smile on your nanny's face? Take her on a shopping spree to show her how much you care.Want to put a smile on your nanny's face? Take her on a shopping spree to show her how much you care.

4. Cash or a gift card

While etiquette experts recommend that cash gifts be equal in value to one-half of her monthly salary, you know what you can comfortably afford to give, so let that be your guide. If your nanny has been dying to renovate her bathroom or go on a weekend getaway, a cash bonus would go a long way to helping her achieve that goal. For those who send money home to family, cash helps there as well.

If she's a budding photographer or avid gardener, a gift card from a camera store or local nursery will allow her to purchase all the essentials. It'll also let her know you pay attention to her interests!

5. The ever-popular spa day

Caring for infants and toddlers is both mentally and physically exhausting (as you well know). Help your nanny recharge by sending her for a peaceful, rejuvenating day at the spa. You could give her a gift card so she could call to select her treatments or choose them in advance and plan an entire day of pampering.

6. A table for two

Book a table at your favorite upscale restaurant and treat her to dinner. You should have a babysitter lined up so she's not tempted to pitch in and help with the kids during the course of the meal. Or, if she has a close friend or significant other, you could book them a table and arrange in advance to pay the tab.

7. Concert tickets

Does your nanny love live music? Find out when her favorite band or singer is performing and buy a few tickets so she can attend with a friend. If your budget allows, get seats in the first few rows - she'll never forget the rush of sitting in front of the stage, and it's a splurge she'd likely never purchase for herself.

Music lovers will go crazy over front row concert tickets.Music lovers will go crazy over front row concert tickets.

8. Photo gift

There are so many cute options out there and most cost under $25. Check out this cute wooden frame, engraved with the slogan "Best nanny ever." Insert adorable photo of your precious cherub - or a photo of the two of them together if possible - and you're good to go. You could also go for a photo mug - I'm loving this enamel camping style one on Etsy.

9. Hand-painted object

She loves your child, and that means she'll love anything made by your child. Visit a paint-your-own-pottery shop and let your little one create a hand-painted frame, mug or ornament. Or, cover your baby's hand in paint and help him or her make a handprint on a rock for a cute yard or garden decoration.

Your baby's handprint on a rock makes a nice garden keepsake.Your baby's handprint on a rock makes a nice garden keepsake.

10. Time-off voucher

This gift is amazing because it combines your child's creativity with some well-deserved R&R. On a rectangular piece of paper, have your child color whatever he or she wishes. Then, using a permanent marker, write "This voucher entitles the recipient to one paid vacation day." If you can manage to give her multiple days off, all the better.

No matter the gift, it's the thought that counts - and remember, a happy nanny is one who's likely to stick around for the long run!

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